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A Change Is Gonna Come: Adam Lambert vs. James Durbin

A few weeks have passed since the birth of the tenth season of American Idol. We’ve heard thousands of sounds but one of the most controversial voices in this season is from James Durbin. Wait, what? Who’s James Durbin again?

American Idol Auditions: James Durbin

Just a few moments ago from James' audition.

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A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Thai Film)

I want to take a look back at what happened to my life in late January of the fresh year of 2011.

DVD Box Cover

A DVD Box Cover for First Love/Crazy Little Thing Called Love


This was the day I first laid eyes on the film’s trailer. (see the movie trailer below) I must admit, the trailer was very inviting. It was obviously successful in attracting viewers and movie-seekers to finally watch the full movie. It also was very transparent that the film will be a romantic comedy. Another transparency is the target audience, which is mostly the youth.

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