A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Thai Film)

I want to take a look back at what happened to my life in late January of the fresh year of 2011.

DVD Box Cover

A DVD Box Cover for First Love/Crazy Little Thing Called Love


This was the day I first laid eyes on the film’s trailer. (see the movie trailer below) I must admit, the trailer was very inviting. It was obviously successful in attracting viewers and movie-seekers to finally watch the full movie. It also was very transparent that the film will be a romantic comedy. Another transparency is the target audience, which is mostly the youth.


Up until this day, I have not loved a particular romantic film. Never. Ever. Nope. Nothing. Not a single movie I can name. I have my own list of favorite movies, but none of which are romantic flicks. I find the storyline and plot very repetitive and I find no fun watching them. But it was only up until this day, as I have found the first and currently the only romantic film that made my favorites list.

I went through and watched the two-hour film, and just that, I was in love. I will explain later why this oh-so-ordinary story took me by surprise made me love her. And by her, I mean the film. (just to clear things out.)

The movie was starred mainly by Fern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul or more popularly known as Bai Fernwho played the female lead role Nam and Mario Maurer who played the male lead role Shone.The acting dimension from this film was great. Mario Maurer was able to give justice to the role he is portraying. He was in character from start to end. Bai Fern did a superb characterization of her role. From the ugly, bug-face M.1 student Nam, to the almost-miraculous transformation to an M.4 student, Fern was able to portray all that generously and believably. She also gave an outstanding acting performance in different scenes specially at the later part of the film wherein the tension has risen up to the brim. She was able to share with the viewer the pain she was experiencing. The recent TV Pool Awards gave proof to my latter statements as both Mario and Fern received an award as Best Actor and Best Actress respectively. The movie also garnered the Best Movie of the Year Award, which will give proof to the things will be saying next.

So why was I again in love with this film, given that the plot is very generic. Yes, I would say that the GENERAL plot is very common, but the the movie was given justice by the various twists and the way the movie was presented. The aestheticness and authenticity of the presentation was overwhelming.

The movie was presented aunthentically. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love was rooted from the very basics of everyday life, which most romantic films failed to do. Other films would tend to go into surrealism and present love in a way that is overly lifted from the reality. The movie presented various teenage behavior in a loving encounter which other films would tend to scratch and delete, believing it irrelevant. Also, the movie did not hesitate to wait long gaps in filming just to produce a believable time frame between the growth of the characters.

One more note is about the movie’s aesthetic presentation. A Crazy Little Called Love was produced in very light manner. The tension was kept extremely bouyant in the first few parts of the film. The scenes were free-flowing and was superbly directed. The airy tension went on and through several parts and when the heartbreaking scene came, they dropped the bomb and were successful in producing the most heartfelt moment in the face of Asian movies, at least for me. Again, the acting was very believable.

So yeah. I definitely loved this film. A hundred million percent loved it. I perceive only two thing that will arise from my above statements: (1) if you haven’t watched the film, you will definitely love it once you’ve watched it, and (2) if you have watched it, you will most certainly agree with what I have been saying.

Love. Love. Love. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love is definite winner of Best Movie of all time. (again, at least for me) Happy watching!

  1. amazing and very touching….huhu!!

    • Elmer
    • March 3rd, 2011

    A movie you shouldn’t miss to watch………A common love story with a happy ending……A fantasy transcending to reality

    • baifern lover
    • March 24th, 2011

    this is true…

    • baifern lover
    • March 24th, 2011

    i heard that there will be a part two of this movie…


    • baifern lover
    • March 29th, 2011

    you could watch it on youtube

    • iceicevhanny
    • May 28th, 2011

    I actually cried after watching this movie…I was really touched. It also reminded me of how great 1st love could be. I wish they could make more movies like this one.

    • maev7983
    • June 5th, 2011

    When my officemate told me to watch this film, it took me 3 weeks after to watch it. She stumbled into this movie in Youtube and watched it. She told me it was a love story with high school students as characters. And i was like, weird, never thought that she would watch a movie like that so it must be really good. Why it took me so long to watch it after she told me? I was busy and wasnt that interested since 1) TITLE was too mushy 2)SETTING was in high school. I am 27 yo why would i be interested in watching a movie about puppy love.

    Then the big day came, I was about to sleep. Just out of nowhere my curiousity on why my friend actually liked the movie hit me. I searched for the trailer of the movie in youtube and yes………. I got hooked with the trailer. She didnt say the guy was cute. i searched for the full movie in youtube as i dont want to download it and consume the memory of my computer for a movie about First Loves in HS.

    I promised myself that i will sleep after watching the first part of the movie(There were 12 parts in youtube). I just wanted to get a gist of the movie, as i was not contented with the trailer.

    BUT ALAS, it was not just MARIO MAURER’s charm that got me hooked to watch it to the last part. TUKKIE was so great and so funny. Her comedic antics blew my mind. She made me laugh so hard. She is just so natural. Baifern’s transformation was amazing… Not just physical transformation but how she acted like a kiddo to a full blown teenager. I was even surprised that it was all her from m1-m3. I thought someone else portrayed Nam’s character when she was in m1.

    The movie started making me cry when p’Top and p’Shone said that they can never like the same girl in P’Ake’s surprise bday party. It really pissed me off. It was pretty obvious for Top that Shone liked NAm but hell, writer really did a pretty good job in pissing me off.. It’s well… Reality.

    My 2 most favorite parts of the film is when Nam confessed her feelings to Shone. Her emotions seemed so real. I started crying again. After telling shone about her feelings, she took a deep breath. And i was like feeling the emotions as well. She looked relieved and i felt relieved that finally after all this time, she finally said it.

    2nd part that i loved the most was when Shone opened his notebook where Nam’s pictures were documented. The song(SOMEDAY) in the background was really appropriate for the scene. And I was crying, in front of my computer. Crying like someone broke my heart. I poured my heart out. I sound and looked stupid crying. Then I realize, the trailer was not lying when it said that the movie was based on a True Story. It was everybody’s story.

    That is why this movie is the best movie of all time. Somewhere in Time starring Christopher Reeves WAS my best movie of all time but now I can say this is for me my BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME.

    I love the writers and directors of this movie for keeping it real.

    But I do have questions bugging my mind about some parts that were not that clear to me.

    1) How did he know her name?
    2) When did Shone start liking NAM?
    3) How come they never communicated when there was MIRC, yahoo since the 90s? (This was the unreal part) – But I do love the thought that MODERN TECHNOLOGY was not included in the movie. There was no texting, computers, facebook, twitter or something like that. She even called him thru a landline.

    I just hope that they’ll make a sequel of this movie. Although I’m not tired of watching this movie over and over again.

      • Rit
      • November 24th, 2011

      1) Thai females usually use their name instead of “I” .For example , The scene that Nam gave Shone a plaster and said “I’m sorry about yesterday” . Actually She said “Rueng Mua Wan Nam Kor Tod Na Ka” (Rueng Mua Wan = about yesterday , Kor Tod Na Ka= I’m sorry , Nam = Her name)
      2) I don’t know either , but If I were Shone ,I would start liking Nam when she gave me a plaster.(I’m a man and I think I understand how Shone felt.)
      3) I don’ know either (again) . But In my opinion , Though Nam finally know that Shone love her too, She might thought that it was too late because Shone had been being Pin’s boyfriend . So she dicided not to involved with Shone anymore and just keep him in the deepest part of her heart.

  3. Wohh just what I was searching for, thanks for putting up. “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me.” by Terri Gulick.

    • Joen ^-^
    • October 23rd, 2012

    i love the movie and i like the way you criticize,.. the words I cannot say.. you nailed it all.. LOLz

    “The movie was presented aunthentically. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love was rooted from the very basics of everyday life, which most romantic films failed to do.”

    “One more note is about the movie’s aesthetic presentation. A Crazy Little Called Love was produced in very light manner. The tension was kept extremely bouyant in the first few parts of the film. ”

    These two are true. 😀

    I love this comment of maev7983 :

    ” . . Then I realize, the trailer was not lying when it said that the movie was based on a True Story. It was everybody’s story. . ”

    Thank you for this simple yet wonderful recap dailyRaven!

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  1. April 28th, 2011

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