A Change Is Gonna Come: Adam Lambert vs. James Durbin

A few weeks have passed since the birth of the tenth season of American Idol. We’ve heard thousands of sounds but one of the most controversial voices in this season is from James Durbin. Wait, what? Who’s James Durbin again?

American Idol Auditions: James Durbin

Just a few moments ago from James' audition.

James Durbin is from Santa Cruz, California. He auditioned for American Idol 2011, and is now part of the Top 24 this tenth season. James Durbin’s style consists mainly of a Hard-Rock & Roll feel. James wowed the judges in his audition. He experienced a rough road during Hollywood Week during group round where his group sang “Somebody To Love” by Queen.

But wait. What made him very controversial? Well, the first time he opened his mouth to sing in front of the judges, people instantly compared him to Season 8 runner-up, Adam Lambert.


American Idol Runner-up Adam Lambert

A post-American Idol performance of Adam Lambert.

The way both singers hit high notes occasionally and the way they dress, which is totally debatable, has similarities. However, everyone who knows Adam Lambert may fall into debating the differences between the two.

Here are some comments from different netizens:


Posted February 24, 2011 at 10:28 pm |

James is no Adam Lambert. Yes, the raw material is there but if he doesn’t learn to control it and chooses songs that Adam sang, I can’t see him going far at all. If James wants to succeed, he needs to play smart. Constant comparisons to Adam aren’t going to do him any favors.


Posted February 24, 2011 at 11:48 pm |

I don’t know why a lot of people were against James Durbin. I agree Rickey seems to overrate James Durbin but James has the talent and I think he deserve his spot in the Top 24. I suggest we should suspend our biases and just stop comparing James and Adam because there’s nothing to compare. Adam is a great artist and James also has the talent. Both their voice sounds good although James lacks the control of his vocals. Let’s give James Durbin a chance to show us who he is as an artist and not a copycat.


Posted February 25, 2011 at 1:56 pm |

Adam Lambert and James Durbin are nothing alike, not in singing, not in performing, and not in looks. The people who are putting down the Lambert fans are not being realistic. Go back and compare Adam’s performance of the same song and there is definitely a big difference. Even if you like James better you should be able to admit they are nothing alike.


(all comments are from rickey.org)

Both singers have already sang “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cook. So now, it’s time for you to vote. Who sang the song better? Season 8’s Adam Lambert or Season 10’s James Durbin? (see videos below)


James Durbin’s version:


Adam Lambert’s version:


    • Nancy
    • February 27th, 2011

    The comparison between the two is they both sing from heart and soul, and they connect emotionally to the song and well as to those who are listening. Don’t forget, Adam had more experience in the entertainment business and he has a natural sense of fashion which helps.

    When I hear and see James, I do think of Adam, how can you not, when you hear those high notes.
    James needs polishing, and I know Change Is Gonna Come for James, I hope he goes a long way.

    Adam, what do you think?

    You would be a good mentor for this season’s artist, please come back to Idol and mentor them. Your management team can work it out. Please……..Is anybody listening?

    • Wicky
    • April 27th, 2011

    WTF james’ muscal genre is heavy metal while lambert does melow stuff.HEAVY METAL rulzzzzz!!!!

  1. Why did you do a full band on stage version for Adam .. why didn’t you do the same for James.. Let’s play fair here ..

  2. James is amazing.

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