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TV In Focus: “Good Vibes”

Okay, so I want to be very straightforward. I like Good Vibes. I mean, currently, it is still somewhat caught in slightly awkward and surreal presentation. But what I like about it is it has this great potential to be as good a TV series as International ones like the classic Beverly Hills.

Wait, wait! Not so fast! WHAT THE HELL IS GOOD VIBES? I live in America and I don’t know anything about it other than an animated comedy film, of the same title, which I watched on MTV a year ago. Click here to see what I mean.

Good Vibes

Logo of Good Vibes

Good Vibes is a television series from the Philippines Continue reading


Music In Focus: “Rolling In The Deep”

It’s been almost two months since my last post. What?! I couldn’t believe how long it has been. I had so many prospective posts but they’re all stuck in the Drafts Graveyard. Sad. But anyway, today, I want to post a sequel to LSS Week. And no, I didn’t purposefully time my post for another Adele hit. It was a coincidence actually.


Album Cover of Adele's 21

Last week’s LSS Song was by the amazing, now-22, blues and soul singer, Adele. The song is called “Rolling In The Deep“.

Here are the other pertinent details about the song courtesy of Continue reading