Music In Focus: “Rolling In The Deep”

It’s been almost two months since my last post. What?! I couldn’t believe how long it has been. I had so many prospective posts but they’re all stuck in the Drafts Graveyard. Sad. But anyway, today, I want to post a sequel to LSS Week. And no, I didn’t purposefully time my post for another Adele hit. It was a coincidence actually.


Album Cover of Adele's 21

Last week’s LSS Song was by the amazing, now-22, blues and soul singer, Adele. The song is called “Rolling In The Deep“.

Here are the other pertinent details about the song courtesy of

Released 29 November 2010
Format CD single, digital download
Recorded Eastcote Studios, London
Genre Soul, blues, rock
Length 3:48
Label XL
Writer(s) Adele, Paul Epworth
Producer Paul Epworth

Aside from the immensely superb vocal tone that Adele has, the song has this vintage, oldies-meets-modern bluesy kind of feel. It’s kind of rebellious escape from all the end-of-the-world partying that 2010 and early 2011 music is giving us. It got my foot stomp along with the amazing rhythm and melody. It was a beautiful clash of instruments multi-layered into one tune. And by the way, she sings like she’s been doing it for decades.

The message is, in my opinion, mainly about rejection, and what would’ve happened if what happened hasn’t happened. WHAT? Anyway, the ‘rejection’ message of the song is very much relative to what I am currently experiencing so that is the reason why instantly had a connection with it.

Below is the official music video of “Rolling In The Deep”.

During the “Music of the 21st Century” week of American Idol Season 10, Haley Reinhart sang this song, and I honestly liked her performance too. She kept the original arrangement and I think the song is just perfect for her. Her performance, this is debatable, helped propel the song’s ranking on iTunes and peaked at #1. Check the video below for her American Idol Performance.

Let’s not go further away from American Idol, as an AI Alumni did an amazing cover of the song. He is by the name of David Cook, best remembered for his genuine and very original covers of songs during his stay on American Idol. And now, he did Adele’s song during the Pet-A-Palooza event on Los Angeles. Check the HQ video below to view his performance:

Mike Posner also has a modern electro-pop take on the song. Check out the video below to hear his version.

And lastly, the legend, John Legend takes on an a cappella version of this song. Check the video below to hear this amazing version.

So, that’s it for now! I love you all, and I just love this song!

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