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TV In Focus: American Idol’s Thursday Shocker, Plus an Advice to Jessica

Judge's Save for Jessica Sanchez

Thursday night results show shocker


It could have been another Pia Toscano fiasco, but thanks to the ever-reserved trump card, “Judges’ Save”, the fate of Jessica Sanchez has been veered into a second chance shot at the American Idol title. But let’s face it, after such a fall from the front-runner status, it would take a breath-taking performance ‘a la Melanie Amaro’, to return to the top of the pack.

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Self In Focus: Return From The Big Hiatus, And A New Focus?

Yey! I’m back. And the reason for this comeback is brought about by this very much unexpected feature that my blog had in a movie trailer. Up until now, I can’t believe it and you may call me shallow for this but I am just too stoked not to be inspired by this. But I’m talking too much, am I not? So, here you go – the reason for my ecstatic behavior and my timely return.

So if you may have noticed, (or probably not) a line from my review of the movie “The Road” has been featured in the US Trailer of the movie! Click here to go to my review of the movie.

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