Self In Focus: Return From The Big Hiatus, And A New Focus?

Yey! I’m back. And the reason for this comeback is brought about by this very much unexpected feature that my blog had in a movie trailer. Up until now, I can’t believe it and you may call me shallow for this but I am just too stoked not to be inspired by this. But I’m talking too much, am I not? So, here you go – the reason for my ecstatic behavior and my timely return.

So if you may have noticed, (or probably not) a line from my review of the movie “The Road” has been featured in the US Trailer of the movie! Click here to go to my review of the movie.

It’s just too fulfilling and overwhelming that my work has been recognized, especially since my blog is not really among those popular blogs around. This feature just inspired me to continue writing since it’s really what I really love to do, but for some unknown reason I am unable to do. Maybe it’s the lack of inspiration to write. I have lots of things that I want to write about but I’m not motivated to do so. But again, thanks to this US trailer for “The Road”, my writer alter-ego was pumped up.

My next blog entry will be about that “lots of things I want to write about” – American Idol — which brings us to the next topic. I will add a new “focus” category – Idol in Focus! I’m still uncertain about this move, since American Idol is basically a TV Show, wouldn’t it be a fit in the category “TV In Focus”? But anyway, let’s see what will happen and what I will ultimately decide on.

  1. April 16th, 2012

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