The Voice PH – 1×01 – Blind Auditions Part 1 Recap Plus VIDEOS

The Coaches of The Voice PH

The Coaches of The Voice PH sing for the first time

The Philippine version of the hit singing competition that took the globe by storm is now here: The Voice of the Philippines! The show looked around the country and the rest of the world to look for artists that will be given a life-changing opportunity. While it has been said that the Philippines has the best singers in the world, will the show be able to find the world-class “The Voice”?

I’ll be blogging each episode as they air.

The Judges.

Member of the international hip-hop group Black-Eyed Peas,; Philippines’ Popstar Princess, Sarah Geronimo; rock superstar, Bamboo; and the internationally acclaimed Broadway star, Lea Salonga.

To kick things off, the coaches perform for the very first time this season. They sang “Hall Of Fame” by The Script. I like the song. The performance, not so much. I expected better. Lea caught my attention all throughout. She was like a feisty firecracker onstage. But the rest of the performance felt a little unrehearsed and all over the place. Not a great way to start a show.

The coaches settled down pretty quickly on their red chairs. The chairs turned and the Blind Auditions officially starts.

Oh, a quick rundown of the process first. Hm, maybe a little too much spoonfeeding, eh? Ugh, total overkill, Toni Gonzaga. I’m yelling “TMI”! Get on with the first audition!

Well, that took too long. Let’s welcome the first artist of the night, shall we?

Darryl Shy, 44 –
“Bamboo’s Tatsulok”

A struggling musician seeking for a break. Typical tale. No sob story. Good. He’s singing one of the coaches’ song, “Tatsulok“. Pretty ballsy, I must say. He’s playing the guitar and is doing a more laid-back version of this rock song. He has this raspy tone which I like, but I think he has weak control over his vocals. I’m not buying this performance. There seems to be lacking something. A little more grit wouldn’t hurt I guess. Lea pushes the button first. She seems to be enjoying it. Okay. Hm. Those green lights on the floor are a bit …unimaginative. For me, at least. Apl turns around at the last minute. It’s between Apl and Lea. Let the banter begin! Apl says he wants to include Daryl in his album. Lea gets back and says “I want you to make your own album.” Woah! Nice one, Lea. It’s pretty clear who he will choose. (Hint: It’s Lea.) Darryl chooses #TeamLea by singing a line from one of her songs! GRADE: B-

Apparently, there are two V-reporters, Robi Domingo and Alex Gonzaga. My opinion? Just one will suffice, actually.

Deborah Victa, 21 –
Estelle’s “American Boy

She has the looks, yes. But it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s the Blind Auditions. Let’s just hope she has the voice as well. As soon as she started singing, I concluded she really is just a pretty face. Her vocals are all-over the place in this one. Bamboo seems to be enjoying the performance? Really? Her vocals are thin like her larynx has just been steamrolled. She’s not ready for this. Wrong song, maybe? But that’s just me making sense of what’s happening because I don’t really have any idea if a different song will be able to produce a better result. She didn’t that high note. Uh-oh! Just as I thought no one will turn around for her, which should have been the outcome, Bamboo pushes his button at the very last second! He says he liked the song choice. Well, maybe he enjoyed the song more than the performance. That’s the only way to explain how she got through. She’s on #TeamBamboo nonetheless. GRADE: C

Romel Colao, 32 – Gary Valenciano’s “Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos”

Sob story. Yawn. But maybe he has a great voice? Let’s hope so. Hmmm. First few notes and I’m convinced it’s a NO. He doesn’t have a bad voice. I mean, the voice is decent, but it lacks depth and dynamics, let alone texture. A very generic tone. I wouldn’t turn around for him. And the coaches seem to agree with me. He didn’t make a team. And then the show became a melodramatic Teleserye. It’s okay to cheer up artists who didn’t make it, but this crap is too much. GRADE: C-

Cherry Mae “Chien” Berbana, 31 –
Aegis’ “Sayang Na Sayang”

Hmm. I don’t understand why they aren’t showing her face. What’s the obsession with silhouette for? It’s totally unnecessary. I mean, I know it’s The “Voice”, but isn’t this taking it too literally? I hope this is the last time I see this silhouette bullsh*t. She start singing and… Woah! Powerful vocals! But isn’t she becoming all screechy. And strained. I don’t get her at all. Sorry. What?! They’re still not showing her face. If the creative team’s ploy to try and add suspense to the platter, it’s clearly not working. It’s a mess, and it should not be continued. I don’t want that on my next order. Apl is the first one to push the button. She also made Lea turn around! Her performance ends. Thankfully. It was a powerful display of vocals, but she just growled through the song and nothing else. Sarah says there should be more to the growling than just that. It lacked emotion, she said. I AGREE 100%! Thank you, Sarah. The delivery lacked the emotion. I wasn’t moved at all. It’s time to choose between Lea and Apl, again. Lea REALLY wants her to be on her team. Apl also throws in a few praises. But Lea already has this. Obviously, she chose to be part of #TeamLea! GRADE: B

Thor Dulay, 32 – Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing

A vocal coach and back-up singer of Vice Ganda. He released an album before, but it didn’t sell. He’s got some experience in the music industry. Will this be an advantage? Woah. He’s singing a Whitney Houston song! Seriously. At first, I wasn’t too sure, and was already preparing for the big disaster. But he proved me wrong. He’s really a great singer. Very bluesy. I like that. And it kinda works with this song. He’s taking the time with this song. He’s not rushing this, which is good. Ooh, Lea turns around first. Even Sarah pushed her button for the first time this season! Not surprisingly, it’s the first four-chair turn!. Lea is freaking out! The coaches try to win him over. Lea is begging. Bamboo says he “would be honored to be [his] coach”. Sarah says she “wants [Thor] to be the Voice of the Philippines”. Apl stands up and tries to win him over. These coaches really need a workshop in the marketing department. They can’t sell themselves well. After a very long commercial break (God! Why does this TV network have too lengthy gaps?) he finally chooses Damn. The reveal was too anticlimactic. I wonder if the show’s editors really know what they’re doing. Well anyway, that’s finally a score for #TeamApl. GRADE: A-

And that ends the first night of the Blind Auditions. So far, only Thor Dulay caught my attention. Chien Berbana has a strong voice, but as I said, it’s too screechy and has too much unnecessary growling. But with proper coaching and better song choices, she should fare better. The rest of the artists featured tonight were mediocre. So is the show’s production and overall aesthetics. Not very impressive pilot episode. Here’s to hoping it gets better as the show progresses. But I highly doubt it. If next episode adds a sound effect for the button push, I’ll be more optimistic.

Here’s where the teams stand so far:

#TeamBamboo: 1
#TeamSarah: 0
#TeamLea: 2
#TeamApl: 1

Team Bamboo

Team Sarah

Team Lea

Team Apl

What do you think about the first part of the Blind Auditions? Which one’s your favorite? Which one’s you’d like to revoke getting through? Let’s discuss. And don’t forget to take the polls below!

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