The Voice PH – 1×02 – Blind Auditions Part 2 Recap Plus VIDEOS

Abigail Asistio sings "Girl On Fire"

Abigail Asistio sings “Girl On Fire”

It’s Day 2 of the Blind Auditions! With a rather lackluster premiere, will The Voice of the Philippines be able to bounce back and show us better performances and artists? Let’s find out!

Corazon Dela Cruz, 26 – Asin’s “Usok”

First up is a belt vendor from Cavite. Her father had an accident making him immobile. She’s personally invited by V-reporter, Robi Domingo to join the Blinds. She’s so stoked she rolled on the floor. This girl’s got some massive personality. Let’s see if she has the voice to back it up. First note in and I already like the rasp in her voice. Really interesting tone. But one problem I can point out is how she pronounces her lyrics. It’s too nasal. But I would still turn around for her.  Lea pushes her button. turns around too, although I actually didn’t notice him pushing his button. Wait! Where’s the green lights on the floor? So much for consistency! Bamboo says he likes her presence. Sarah likes her personality too. It’s between Apl and Lea once again. Lea says: “May libog yung boses mo eh“. What a nice use of the word, Lea! LMAO! Apl tries to lure Cora by singing one of his songs. He also says her voice is so much like Asin, and wants to “utilize it to create a new modern sound.” Not bad. I’m pretty sure Cora will pick Apl, because of the Asin reference, but let’s see. After asking help from the crowd, she finally chooses #TeamApl! GRADE: B

Edward Benosa, 23 – Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain

The guy is certainly good-looking, but is his voice good enough? His father died when he was 6. Sad. He’s singing “It Will Rain”? That’s a hard song. Ooh, grit. This is interesting. The girls from the crowd scream. Shhh! Get your panties together! Geez. As the song progressed, it’s pretty obvious the song is too high for him. He would’ve fared better if he lowered the key by a semitone. That way, his vocals can soar without straining.None of the red chairs turned around for him. Not a shocker. Sarah muses over Edwards boyish charms. Hmm. She stutters as she says the “song needs consistency” in the delivery. I quite agree. Edward faltered towards the end of the song. Lea says Bruno Mars’ songs are too “hard to sing”. Bamboo tells him the performance is lacking something. Apl says “keep trying”. Ouch. GRADE: C

Sawsan Sammie “Taw” Muhammed, 24 – Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic”

Damn it, The Voice PH! Where are you going with this silhouette crap? Enough with this! Hmm. Her mom had them move to the Philippines because of a war between Iraq and Kuwait. She’s a teacher. Hmm. A few notes in and I could already tell she has quite an interesting tone. A really quirky and jazzy vocals, I must say. I like that she’s not trying to be Alanis. Sarah and Lea pushes their buttons almost at the same time. Lea seems to be enjoying it a lot. Hmm. There were a few rough spots in the chorus but I would still turn around for her. Lea says she loves it when the voice matches the whole look. She’s actually an English teacher. Apl says she’s a good-looking teacher. Lea throws out a few names, says she has actually worked with the producer of the record. That’s how you do it, Lea! Throw in the big guns whenever you can. Sarah says she likes her style and believes she’s the whole package. Sarah tries to sell herself by giving her bottled water and a quick massage but it was for nothing as Taw chooses Lea as her coach. Another score for #TeamLea! GRADE: B+

Junji Arias, 36 – Jon Bon Jovi’s “I’ll Be There For You

A music producer and a lead vocalist for a band. He composes commercial jingles. Very novelty. He married a French woman who inspires him to keep singing. He’s going to play the guitar. Quite a powerful grit right there. Hm. But he’s almost imitating the Bon Jovi sound, which is a minus for me. Sarah and Lea turn around at the same time again. After a few seconds, Bamboo becomes curious and pushes his button for the first time tonight. Oooh, some powerful growling on the chorus. Apl is about to push his button but hesitates. Lea tries to convince him into pushing his button but he refuses. Junji has a good voice, but isn’t that good to be a four-chair turn. Sarah rushes to the stage and gives Junji a garland and a quick hug. Okay, settle down Sarah. Bamboo says he “was blown away”. He goes on to say that he wants to win this thing with him. Lea says she can “expand his music horizon”. Sarah has high respect for him and says the performance touched her. She brings up her massive Popsters fanbase, saying they will support him in the voting rounds. Not bad marketing. A little dirty trick, but effective nonetheless. After a loooong commercial gap, he chooses to go with Sarah at the very last minute. Woah. It’s a little surprising, but Sarah did pull out her A-game in selling herself. Junji is the first artist in #TeamSarah. GRADE: B+

Miriam Manalo,  Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman

She works as a secretary for a company. She started singing when she was 8. Then started singing in weddings and other gigs to help her family. She has a pretty good voice, but there are a lot of wobbles in the verses. I don’t know, it feels a little flat to me. They’re not showing her face again. What’s up with this show’s editors? Oopsie! She messes up the high note. She’s not ready for primetime. She needs to polish her rough edges. Unsurprisingly, none of the coaches pushed their buttons. Lea says that the “higher the song got, the harder it was for [Miriam] to sing”. She says she needs to pick songs that are better suited for her voice. 100% AGREE. Sarah says she felt there was a conscious effort to impress the coaches. It bordered on over-embellishing the song with runs. Hmm. I don’t know. I’m pretty sure she sang it straightforwardly. Bamboo says Aretha is a Queen and the song has a “certain power”. Apl starts talking in Kapampangan. He basically tells her there’s something lacking in her vocals and that he wished she put the power at the beginning rather than at the end. Aw, I like that Miriam accepted her fate really well. I hope she keeps working on her voice and come back stronger. GRADE: C+

Okay, time for a quick slide show of failed auditions.

We have Alden Asehan, Jr. murdering “This Time” with excessive runs and flats all over the 10-second clip of his performance. Also, there’s Ian Masaga with a pretty lackluster cover of Apo Hiking Society’s “Yakap Sa Dilim“.

Abigail Asistio, 29 – Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire

She has had alopecia since she was 4 years old, which explains the baldness. I’m quite interested with this girl from the get-go, not because of the hair (or the absence thereof), but with the vibe I’m getting from her. She sings in bars and a few times does some hosting jobs. She’s singing the Alicia Keys hit. Let’s see what she can do with this. She starts it off almost a capella. Hm. A different arrangement. Okay. Now I’m really interested. She has an interesting quirky and airy vocals. But I’m having doubts with this arrangement. I’m all for originality, but this one is not doing her any favors. Ooh, this performance is all over the place. None of the judges turned around. Apl brings up the alopecia. And I was once again reminded of how I wished she’d do great in her audition. Lea says the song and her voice did not match, but tells her to keep singing. Sarah says she likes the song and appreciates the arrangement, but she’s looking for the extended note that Alicia does when she sings the high notes. She said she didn’t the way she “chopped” the note. Bamboo also says he’s looking for the “payday” or the high notes, and felt she just “fell through that.” He loves the spirit, though. Apl gives her a rose. Smooth moves! GRADE: C-

Whew! What a night. Part 2 of the Blind Auditions proved to be better than the premiere episode. A lot more people interested me compared with last night. I have high hopes for Taw Muhammad and Cora dela Cruz. Better song choices that utilizes their unique voices should make them last longer in the competition. Junji Arias seems cannon fodder to me, but if Sarah gives him the right songs at the right time, he might stand a chance.

The coaches are still aren’t going deep into fighting over the artists but they’re getting better at selling themselves. A little affectionate banter can’t hurt, right? But I’ll give them a break since all of them are neophytes at this gig.

Sarah, Lea and Apl each scored one artist tonight, while Bamboo failed to add an artist to his team. The blind auditions continue Saturday, June 22 at 9:00 PM on ABS-CBN.

Meanwhile, here are the coaches’ teams so far:

#TeamBamboo: 1
#TeamSarah: 1
#TeamLea: 3
#TeamApl: 2

BA2 Team Bamboo

BA2 Team Sarah

BA2 Team Lea

BA2 Team Apl

I have a feeling these teams will take a while to fill. Here’s to hoping there won’t be a need to pull out a “Voice-US-Season-One stunt” and bring back artists who failed to make a team.

Which artists caught your attention tonight? Any favorites thus far? After two nights of Blind Auditions, which coach did you like the best? Sound off in the comments section, and don’t forget to take the polls below!

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