The Voice PH – 1×03 – Blind Auditions Part 3 Recap Plus VIDEOS

Lea and Apl regrets not pushing their button for Lee Grane

This is the second week of the Blind Auditions and there are still 43 slots to fill. No one seems to be claiming the front-runner status so far, except maybe for Thor Dulay, who may or may not sizzle out soon enough. But that’s just all hashtag-Predictions. For now, let’s dive into the third night of the Blinds.

Monique de los Santos, 24.
The Beatles’ “Oh, Darling

First up is one of the two de los Santos artists from Cebu. She started singing when she was seven, but the more interesting fact about her is that she joined American Idol when she was 22. I actually remember her during Season 10’s notorious Hollywood week with eventual winner Scotty McCreery during the group rounds. V-reporter Robi went to the de los Santos household to personally hand in the invitation for the Blind Auditions. I thought they were forming a duo, but two invitations are given, which means they will head into the Blinds as individual artists. This is interesting. Hmm. She’s singing “Oh, Darling” with a really weird accent. I’m not really feeling this. And so are the coaches. Her vocals are a bit scattered. Her growling is uncontrolled. I’m also not a fan of the phrasing. It veers off one way and then suddenly turns the other. She was so much better during her Idol stint. I wonder what happened. None of the coaches turned around. Not a surprise though. Lea says “it’s not the kind of vocals [she]’s looking for”. Sarah says she’s “looking for the dynamics in the song” and felt like Monique started off at the top of her range. Salient point, Sarah. Nice. Bamboo says that “her speaking voice tells different [from her] singing voice” which makes him think that she is “pushing [her] vocals more than [she]’s naturally doing”. Apl wants to hear more emotion in her singing, and like Lea, her vocals is not “what [he]’s looking for today”. GRADE: C+

Eva de los Santos, 51.
Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary

She is a singer-songwriter and mother to the previous artist Monique. During her prime, she was active in the music scene in Cebu and was actually part of a band. She made a halt in her music career to give more time for her family. Her daughter didn’t make a team, but let’s see if experience can turn a chair. Ooh, she clearly has better control than Monique. Her choices are more spot on too. But I find it problematic how she ends her notes. It takes off perfectly but the landing is a bit wobbly, especially in her higher register. Apl hesitates for a few seconds but eventually pushes his button. Woah, a powerful high note near the end. Sarah turns around at the last few seconds. Lea can’t believe that Eva’s already 51 years old. Sarah says she can hear Tina Turner in her voice and likes her “attitude when [she] sings”. She also tells her that she wants to work with her to create her own sound and goes on to say that she liked “yung lagkit ng pagkanta niyo“. Apl says he liked her energy and her strong vocals, and believes the two of them can “make original stuff together”. Sarah adds that she looks young and that it should also “transcend in [her] voice”. I don’t know what she’s talking about really. Apl gives her a rose to sway her into picking his team. But will it work? Sarah gets up and sings the song that Eva just did. Oh c’mon, Sarah. What’s the point really? Well, it’s time to pick. After calling to the gods and after the freakin’ long gap, Eva chooses to go with #TeamSarah! Apl asks for his flower back. LOL! GRADE: B

Lorenzana Siblings, 25/32.
Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now

It’s the first duo to try out for The Voice of the Philippines, the Lorenzana Siblings (they really should have thought more about their duo name, but whatever) composed of Grace and Guji Lorenzana. Hmm. Guji? He’s an actor from the same TV network this show is airing. Is it just me or is it a little fishy? Well, you can’t blame me for thinking that his connections had something to do with this audition. But this is just a conspiracy theory at best. Grace is in musical theater which should be good. Guji convinced her to audition but she’s not confident enough to actually do it, so he decided to join her in the Blinds as a duo. He was known to people as an actor but he says he moved to Philippines primarily to become a singer. I’ve seen him act before, but I haven’t heard him sing, so I actually have no idea what to expect. They go onstage and the crowd recognizes Guji. The coaches suspect something’s up. Hmm. They don’t sound bad. But the problem is, they also don’t sound great. There’s nothing really special about these two except they’re a duo, who sounds like a random karaoke duet after two shots of tequila. But somehow, they were able to make Lea and Apl turn around for them. Grace’s voice is too thin for my taste and Guji’s sound is too generic, which is not to say they weren’t on pitch. They were, but this audition was just too vanilla. Once again, it’s a battle between Lea and Apl. These two seem to have the same taste music-wise. Sarah pinpoints a small problem in their harmonies, which she indirectly suggests to be the lack of syncopation. And I agree. The harmonies weren’t tight as you would expect from duos. Bamboo didn’t say much about the performance and directed them to the two coaches fighting over them. Apl says he “likes the support system” and being in a group himself, he says he “could help [them] up”. Lea points out the many duets she had with her younger brother and suggests she could actually give them more input regarding working as a duo. Guji says he’s been a fan of Lea, but after talking with his sister, they decided to go with #TeamApl. GRADE: C

Sir Lord Lumibao, 23.
Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be

He’s a band vocalist from Zamboanga. He has 24 siblings! Wow! That’s a huge household. He ran away from his family for two years. He joined The Voice to further extend his musical knowledge and to support himself financially. He’s singing an overplayed song and does nothing special about it. Add to the fact that there’s nothing special about his voice. Just an average man who knows how to sing mostly on key. He’s voice is too affected. He’s trying to mimic the original a lot. He holds on to the high note near the end. making Apl push his button. Bamboo is trying to push his button, but hesitates. It’s a one-chair turn automatically making Apl his coach. Bamboo says his verses were too thin for him but commends his verses. He also thinks he’s in good hands under #TeamApl. Sarah once again pulls off her this-is-how-it’s-done-vocal-show-off which is starting to get on my nerves just like how Christina Aguilera gets on my nerves every time she does that. Lea says the performance lacks “conviction”, but says Apl could teach him more of that. Apl says he will turn Sir Lord into a King. GRADE: C+

It’s time for failed auditions to get some airtime. One of them is Jasmine Abrenica murdering Katy Perry’s “Firework” which should actually be banned at any singing competition because anyone who sings this sounds horrible. Next is Raymund Portosa giving us a growl-overdosed performance of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” with his notes landing like a derailed train. How dare you ruin that song! Anyway, let’s move on to the next artist.

Lee Grane Maranan, 29.
Freddie Aguilar’s “Anak

She works as a lounge singer in bars. I’m not really crazy about her song choice but I’ll reserve any judgement later. She became the breadwinner for her family when her father died. Her sister has epilepsy which is something she’s thinking about a lot now. Oooh, this is an interesting arrangement of the song. I was taken aback. This is the complete opposite of Sir Lord’s performance. It’s imaginative, it’s an inventive arrangement, plus her voice is not like anyone else. It’s unique and really smoky and jazzy. I’m beginning to like it, but then I’m not enjoying the way she’s finishing her phrases. She’s almost swallowing the ends of her phrases like marshmallows. Sarah pushes her button first. I’m not sure if I would push my button if I had one. This performance is bit under-baked, and the vocals aren’t consistent enough. Bamboo turns around at the last few seconds. Lea asks if she can also sing an English song. She began singing Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”, and then I thought, “WHY DIDN’T YOU SING THAT FIRST?!” I seriously feel for Ms. Lea. This second song highlights her voice better. The phrasing is more on-point. The vocals is perfection. The restraint is so amazing. So much emotion. She is lost within the song. I would feel like an idiot for not turning around for that. The performance is like a vocal masterclass featuring Reining In Your Vocals. I understand how Apl and Lea must feel right now. If this was her audition piece, this would easily be a four-chair turn. The choices she made with the song were carefully placed. Bamboo is tearing up. Apl says like her first song, “ako’y nagsisisi ngayon”. Lea says her unique take on Anak bordered on too much left turns but the second song was “so simple and so emotional” that she was lost into the song. She sits on the floor for a “prime seat” to watch the bloody fight over Lee. Sarah says she admired her bravery to recreate her audition song into something completely new. She says she’s the ingredients she needs for her team. She starts singing again but not even that could make me irritated enough to forget what just happened with Lee’s second song. Bamboo says no one has ever made him cry by singing and he believes they could win the show together. “[Lee] is the artist I’ve been looking for”, Bamboo adds. Lee says she appreciates Sarah turning around for her first, but in the end, she picked Bamboo as her coach. Finally, a score for #TeamBamboo! GRADE: B (but A+ for the second song)

That ends the third night of the Blind Auditions! And we may just have witnessed a game changer (if there’s anything to be changed at this point). Lee Grane just claimed the front-runner status I was just talking about minutes before the first audition of the night went on. She created a buzz none of the other artists has made. She’s the one to beat. Let’s just hope the producers won’t hype her so much that the viewers start to get turned off. Eva de los Santos will most likely get lost within the competition and get cut very soon, unless Sarah continues adding mediocre artists in her team. Then she might just stand a chance. The first duo of the season isn’t that impressive at all. Sir Lord Lumibao is cannon fodder, no doubt about it.

So far, here’s where the teams stand:

#TeamBamboo: 2
#TeamSarah: 2
#TeamLea: 3
#TeamApl: 4

BA3 Team Bamboo

BA3 Team Sarah

BA3 Team Lea

BA3 Team Apl
Do you agree with my letter grades? Is Lee Grane really that big of a threat to the other coaches? Let’s discuss in the comments section below. And don’t forget to take the poll!

    • The Fanart Factory
    • June 30th, 2013

    Enjoyed reading this 🙂 We’ve had discussions on twitter re w/c of the contestants will be cannon fodder, so yeah. haha. I’m excited about Lee Grane. I wasn’t impressed with the first girl on Camp Kawayan kaya I’m glad Lee went w/ Bamboo 🙂

    • ams udsal
    • July 9th, 2013

    I love Lee grane specially the way she sing the Angel,,,very cool voice!I vote for her….

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