The Voice PH – 1×04 – Blind Auditions Part 4 Recap Plus VIDEOS

Michaellen Temporada sings the classic, “Summertime”

We are going into the Night 4 of the Blind Audition, and everybody is still talking about Lee Grane. After eliciting a loud response from the coaches and developing a huge following overnight after a gut-wrenching cover of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”, Lee is set to be the show’s early front-runner. It’s easy to say she’s a shoo-in for the voting rounds. It’s hard to picture the Live Shows without her. Her closest competition so far is Team Apl’s Thor Dulay. But with less than half of the slots taken, we may still be in for a few surprises.

Morissette Amon, 16.
Beyonce’s “Love On Top

She’s a fan of one of the coaches, Sarah, and happens to look a bit like her. V-reporter Alex assumes she is trying to mimic Sarah, but she said she doesn’t really copy her at all. Burn! Her line of questioning is bordering on utter irrelevance and sly tackiness, very much like why I despise Christina Millan. I guess I was right when I said that having two V-reporters is too much. But anyway, let’s go back to the curiously named artist, Morissette. Oooh, daring. She’s singing the ridiculously high Beyonce hit. This song is really hard to sing. And it shows. She’s really having a hard time landing her notes. She’s trying to swallow something she could barely chew. She’s trying really hard here. Throwing random growls here and there. Maybe she could’ve picked something more in her range. Sarah pushes her button. Hmm. She nails one of her falsettos but messes up her lower register. Okay, she hits 60-70% of the note, which isn’t entirely bad, but it isn’t entirely great either. I don’t know, I could feel her screaming the song instead of feeling and singing it. But who cares? She made it through under #TeamSarah, which is likely the team she would’ve picked anyway if it were a four-chair turn (which should not happen on performances like this). Sarah says the two of them are a perfect match. Well, I don’t disagree but I’m not sure if that meant a good thing or a bad thing. Bamboo picks up on the wobbles in the high register but says “it’s something that could be developed”. Apl agrees and says she could learn a lot with her newfound coach. GRADE: B-

Radha Tinsay, 36. Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It

She’s not new in the music industry having been a singer for a popular singing group called ‘Kulay’ when she was in her tender age of 15. They received offers for US and Europe debuts, but found it hard losing a co-member who died of epileptic seizure. She decided to leave the group to go solo, but it wasn’t the success that her group was. She sees The Voice as an opportunity to rebuild her career. You can sense from her voice that she’s done a lot of singing. But I could hear difficulties with her lower register. She goes flat a few times. Also, it almost sounds like she’s swallowing the ends of her phrases in the verses. However, when the song went to a more comfortable area, she got better. Lea pushes her button and seems to be enjoying it. A few more seconds found Sarah turning around too. She freaks out when she sees Radha. Okay, Sarah, settle down. Settle down. Radha’s voice feels more comfortable when she goes up there in her higher register. It sounds more solid and spot on. As she wraps up the song, it has become clear that her lower register is her weak spot. It’s between Sarah and Lea now, but it’s a no-brainer who she’s going to choose. Apl says “[she] has a strong voice but [he] needed a little more”. Bamboo remembers recording in the same studio as her. Lea has nothing bad to say about the performance. She also says she sounded better now than she could recall from before. She further tells us that she really “don’t need to sell [herself] too much” and then turns to Sarah and tells her she, however, would probably need more of that selling. Ooh. It’s a catfight. Sarah says she’s a fan and that she is what the show is looking for. Time to pick, time’s a wastin’. After a not-so-hard decision, she opted to go with #TeamLea. The connection that Radha and Lea had was so transparent, it’s no surprise she chose her as her coach. GRADE: B

It’s that time of the episode featuring a quick clip of failed auditions. This time, we get a glimpse at a power belter who seem to have exhausted all her power. We see Abigail Garza pushing “21 Guns” all too far, that it sounded like all the barrels the song were carrying fired bullets at the same time, which is, in other words, oversinging the crap out of the song.

Marielle Mamaclay, 27.
Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep

She’s from Nueva Ecija and bakes cupcakes for a living. There’s not a lot of backstory. And I’m not complaining. At all. I’m all in for less drama. The music starts and I’m not liking what I’m hearing. Adele. Rolling In The Deep. Oh, dear. I have a very bad feeling about this. And my bad feeling was right. She can’t handle the song. Well, yeah. She manages a few glory notes in the bridge, but it’s when she goes into her falsettos that her voice becomes too thin and gets steered into places it should not be taken to. No coach pushed their button. And for the right reasons. She didn’t let the song breathe that it is already yelling “I need some air!”. Sarah says she was looking for a different approach to the song. Marielle gives out her cupcakes nonetheless. Sweet. Bamboo felt she over-sang the song and tells her she needs to pick her moments. Apl pretty much says the same thing. And then Lea started talking about cupcakes in parallel with singing, which is a nice touch. And while the other coaches are enjoying the cupcakes, she tells her there should be spots where she needs to put power into the song and spots where she needs to pull back. EXACTAMANTE! GRADE: C

Isa Fabregas, 24.
Bill Withers’ “Lean On Me

She’s a marketing assistant, a church singer and a worship leader who started singing in theatre plays at a very young age. V-reporter Robi personally invites her to the Blind Auditions with the help of her Dad playing as an accomplice. She sings at her local church every Sunday. Hmm. Interesting tone. She misses a couple of notes and something’s not connecting. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the weird skirt she’s wearing. Or the constant attempt to sing with an accent that clearly isn’t there. Or maybe, it’s the lack of soul. The performance isn’t really reaching my gut. It’s not ‘taking me to church’. She hits 8 out of 10 notes there is, so it’s not really that bad, but I’m not buying the performance. But apparently, Bamboo does. And Sarah who also turned her chair. Lea loved the performance and pretty much showers her with compliments but says she didn’t turn around because she thinks she’s a better fit with either Bamboo or Sarah. Let’s be honest though. She probably just didn’t want another cannon fodder in her team. Sarah tells her that her performance was “impactful” (if that word even exists) that she wanted to stand up. It’s “contagious”, she says. Bamboo calls her “my Bella” and tells her powerful voice has so much “soul”. Really? I didn’t quite catch the soul. Again, maybe it’s the skirt. He reminds her that he was the first to turn around for her. Sarah steps in and says she is the kind of singer that doesn’t need to belt out to capture an audience. She is that soulful of a singer. I’m starting to feel like I’m in the twilight zone. Sarah pulled out the age card since they’re both 24. But it didn’t seem to work as Isabella picked Bamboo as her coach. Another one for #TeamBamboo! GRADE: B-

Jaron Liclican, 22. 
Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good

Here’s a good-looking fella for you. He’s from the San Francisco Bay Area in California and studies in U.C. Berkeley. He works part-time at a retail store. He hopes The Voice is the right time and the right avenue for him. Woah. He’s singing the Nina Simone song? Uh-oh. Okay. He doesn’t have a bad voice. He actually has a pretty good instrument. And smooth too. The problem here is that he had a great takeoff, but he sucked the landing. The performance just feels a little flat for me. It doesn’t really go anywhere. It’s clamped on the middle register. He pulls it back even when he has the chance to soar. He’s not pushing it where it needs to be pushed. Maybe he knows he can’t really push further than he’s currently pushing? I’m not quite sure, but it’s the only explanation I can think of. I expected the key change near the end to allow him to finally go up there, but he pulls back again. It’s like he’s afraid to touch the higher register. In return, none of the coaches turned around for him. Apparently, the coaches are looking for the same thing as I’m looking for. Bamboo says he wasn’t moved, and he wanted him to soar. Lea pretty much tells him the same thing and showed him how it’s done. Sarah said he started out good but flopped his ending. Apl tells him that his journey is not over yet. Yeah. He should probably come back with a stronger voice and a better song choice, one that is actually in his range. GRADE: C+

Michaellen Temporada, 24.
George Gershwin’s “Summertime

Here comes the latest victim of the “Silhouette Crap” which the editors of The Voice are trying so hard to make happen. I can’t really wrap my head around the ridiculous concept, and whoever thought of this idea should be fired. ASAP! Anyway, let’s go back to the artist. He’s a registered nurse from Mindanao. He sings in bars on the side. His mother has cataract, which makes him see The Voice as an opportunity to finally help his family. Wait. I know this song! It’s “Summertime”! Just the song choice is enough to keep me on my toes. It’s a big song. I’ve never heard a lot of guys covering this song, so I’m interested what he makes of it. It’s a tall order, but I have high hopes for this guy. He starts singing and I completely forget that he is a damned silhouette. He has great control over his vocals. The way he tackles each note to the next is just effortless. There were a couple of bum notes, yes. But overall, it still sounds pleasant. The runs that he did didn’t sound forced. It just flows. Sarah pushes her button. As he carefully landed the last few notes of the song, the four coaches had all turned around for him. Sarah rushes over to the stage and gives him the ‘Super Special SG Garland‘. Okay, you may now sit Sarah. There is a time for selling yourself. Apl says he will give his all if he chooses to go with him. Lea liked how he pulled each note and begs him to choose her team. Bamboo says the performance was very natural. He liked his soulful voice, and this time, I agree. He does have a hint of soulfulness in his voice, but it still needs to be worked on. Sarah is in love with him. She tells him he doesn’t need to belt out and growl to impress people. She’s confident he could win it all. She pulls out the ‘Popsters’ card once again. It’s her trump card and it’s a card that always seems to work for her as Michaellen decides to go with #TeamSarah! I just hope she doesn’t get complacent with the raw vocals that’s already there and work on the spots that needs to be improved on. GRADE: A-

And that ends Night 4 of the Blinds. Four new artists find home in their respective teams with Michaellen Temporada becoming the first serious threat from Team Sarah. His longevity in the competition depends on song choice. If he’s given tired song selections (e.g. The Prayer, I Will Always Love You, Wind Beneath My Wings, and other what-not-to-sing), he might find himself in an early exit. Radha Tinsay from Team Lea needs to start scanning through modern Top 40 charts. She won’t go very far if she goes the old-school route. She needs to be unpredictable with her song choices if she wants to make the finale.

So far, here’s where the team stands:

#TeamBamboo: 3
#TeamSarah: 4
#TeamLea: 4
#TeamApl: 4

BA4 Team Bamboo

BA4 Team Sarah

BA4 Team Lea

BA4 Team Apl

What do you think of Blind Auditions Part 4? Any early favorites? Can Michaellen really win The Voice just like what Sarah is predicting? Let’s discuss in the comments section below, plus take the two polls below!

    • alamatpaul
    • June 28th, 2013

    Firstly, I’m a popster so I’m biased :)))

    Regarding Sarah’s ability to select the right song for each of her team members, I’m guessing she would handle it with ease. She is young, up-to-date with continuous shows and projects. Being a product of a singing contest herself, she knows the importance of song choice especially during the final round.

    I particularly like your comment on Sarah’s mentioning her supporters to sell herself as I have seen tweets against it. Sarah doing everything it takes to win over a four-chair turner just shows her true competitive nature

    • The Fanart Factory
    • June 30th, 2013

    When I first heard that Radha was auditioning for The Voice, I was like…WHY? She doesn’t need to. Pero if it gives others to hear more of her, then sige go! Didn’t realize she was only 15 when she started sa Kulay. Wala lang. And can I just say, I know this is The VOICE, pero ang ganda ni Radha! Seriously. Ok. Haha. Just had to say that. I’m excited about the Radha/Lea combo. Yes, I hope she goes for more modern songs. Sana talaga. #Exciting

    Re the one who sang Feeling Good, sayang noh? Ok na sana ang start but meh. And woot woot! Lea showing everybody how it’s done! LOVE it! haha 😉

    Unlike you though, ako naaaliw naman ako pag kumakanta ang mga coaches (not so much Apl kasi he always sings the ‘Lapit mga kaibigan…’ chorus all the time, hehe) I like it when Xtina does it. Yes, even Sarah. And of course si Lea 🙂

    Ok, I’m pissed off at all the Silhouette crap they’ve been showing (or NOT showing!) kaya I wasn’t able to concentrate during the ‘Summertime’ audition. I may need to watch that again, buti may video links dito sa recap mo. Hehe.

    Looking forward to your review of last night’s episode. Pretty good ep, not a silhouette in sight! Or kung meron man, must’ve blinked and missed it 🙂 hehe.

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