The Voice PH – 1×05 – Blind Auditions Part 5 Recap Plus VIDEOS

Angelique, Gab and Mitoy tries out for The Voice PH

Angelique, Gab and Mitoy tries out for The Voice PH

This is Week 3 of the Blind Auditions! Almost one-third of the slots have been filled in. Have we found the very first winner of The Voice of the Philippines among them (think Lee Grane)? Or will we find another buzz-worthy contestant that could take away the front-runner status away from her? Let’s find out!

Nicole Floirendo, 20.
David Guetta’s “Titanium

She has musical theater roots, which can mean she’s aiming for Lea to turn her red chair. Positive. She’s a fan of aforementioned coach, and she wishes to have the opportunity to sing with her. She says she wants to win The Voice to give back to her parents. Tell me I’m wrong and it’s not actually Titanium she’s going to perform. Dear Lord. This is gonna be bad. First note in and I can already hear the shrillness in her voice. This performance is all over the place. She doesn’t even get into the song. Her face is totally blank. Did she really do music theater before? She won’t even get a single callback with performances like this.  It’s pretty clear none of the coaches will turn. She’s behind the beat plus she messed up the high note at the end, and 9 out of 10 notes throughout the entire song. None of the coaches turned. Surprise! NOT. After opening up her background in theater, she was asked to sing her favorite broadway song, “On My Own”, which Lea sang when she played Eponine in a Les Miserables play. She’s clearly better this time around. This is more in her wheelhouse and is better suited for her cotton-candy-sweet vocals.  But I still wouldn’t have turned the swivel chair in my room for her. She still hits a lot of bum notes, although this is clearly the better song choice compared with the previous one.  Lea joins her onstage for an impromptu duet near the end. Lea asks her to keep doing songs like this second one. Sarah says her second song proves there’s no need to sing ridiculously high songs just to make them turn. And I agree. A lot of competition contestants fall under the assumption that the higher they go, the better their chances of going through. Bamboo says she knows exactly what kind of artist she is. Really? It didn’t really show in her performance.  She seems lost and unsure of what her strengths are as an artist. She needs to figure that out and try this again. Apl wishes she sang the second song as her audition piece. He also tells her he needs to learn “more control [in her voice]”. || GRADE: D+ (a B for the second song)

Angelique Alcantara, 17. 
Rihanna’s “Diamonds

She’s a BS Psychology student from Samal Islands. She joined The Voice to prove to herself that she can be in the same lane as the popular singers in the music industry. She says she wants to shine. And shine she did as she sings a recent mid-tempo Rihanna hit.  Her voice has a lot of promise. A bit of Rihanna influence, which may just be because of the song choice. She’s doing a slower piano-driven performance. She’s starting out really good. Until Bamboo pushed his button. The excitement must have gotten to her as she misses a couple of notes in her verses. She doesn’t fully hit that high note near the end. Ouch. But whatever. She’s on #TeamBamboo now. Sarah says Angelique looks like a “mixture of Rihanna and Whitney Houston”. Yeah, I could see similar features. Apl says she could learn a lot from Bamboo. Like what I heard, Lea “can still hear Rihanna in the performance”. She says she’s not really a bad thing, but…? Nothing. Okay, Lea didn’t say anything but I guess she was hinting that there’s a lack of individuality in her voice. She could still work on that. Or not. Bamboo says she’s the total package. Not sure about that one. He’s happy she’s a part of Camp Kawayan. || GRADE: B-

Moira dela Torre, 19. 
Bamboo’s “Hallelujah

A girl who has a familiar voice. How? She says she’s the voice behind some of the commercial jingles. I wonder what they are. She also dubs a few animations. She’s a vocal talent, to put it a. She was 13 when she struggled with anorexia for about seven months. She wants The Voice to be her big break. I’m not sure what she’s singing. Oh! It’s a Bamboo song. I didn’t recognize it from the get go. These artists seem to love singing his songs. She’s doing something completely different from the original. It actually sounds good. Her voice reminds me a lot of Yeng Constantino, although it’s less gravelly and less controlled. She’s doing some interesting choices within the song. She’s hitting a lot of flats at the end of her phrases though. It becomes airy and breathy. But overall, the performance has a really good feel to it. She’s at her last note when Apl decided to push his button. That was pretty close. She brings up her day job as a vocal talent and sings a snippet of a well-known McDonald’s jingle, “Hooray For Today“. I didn’t realize she’s the voice behind that. But listening to it now, I can hear the distinctive voice she has. Sarah, being an endorser to the rival fast food chain, Jollibee, says it could have been the reason why there was a “conflict”. LMAO! Sarah liked the way she  bent the song to her own style. Bamboo thanks her for singing his song and congratulates her for making it through under #TeamApl. Apl says her performance was like Boom! Boom Pow!, a quick reference to the BEP song. He says he likes artists who can play an instrument. He welcomes her to his team by singing “The Apl Song”. Okay. || GRADE: B

Mac Escolano, 21. 
Rey Valera’s “Maging Sino Ka Man

He’s a taxi driver from Quezon City. V-reporter Robi invites him personally and hands him the red envelope… while the guy is driving?! Seriously? He even have him read the Blind Auditions invitation. This is insane. Road safety be damned!  Being the oldest in the family, not only does he need to support his studies, but his siblings’ as well. Hmm. He’s singing an old song, in a very old-fashioned way. I’m not enjoying the vibrato he’s putting into every line. This is not to say he doesn’t have a good voice. He actually does have a good instrument. His tone is pretty generic though. His low notes are pretty inaudible too. Oops! He misses the key change.  Unsurprisingly, none of the coaches turned around. Apl could relate to him having to work and study side by side. He says he liked the beginning, but by the middle of the performance, he felt like he lost “[his] intonation”. Sarah says he was able to hit the high notes but says she can barely hear his low notes. I agree. His lower register is his weaker spot. Lea picked up on the thing with his vibrato making him sound older than he is, and gives us a tiny session of “Vibrato 101”. || GRADE: C

Gabriel Ramos, 21.
  Julianne’s “Tulak Ng Bibig”

He works as a call center representative. He roots from a very religious family. His mom is actually a pastor. He sings at church as a worship leader. He has his eyes set for Sarah. He thinks he can relate well with the youngest of the coaches. He doesn’t have a bad voice, I’ll give you that. But his performance is too affected. He forces an accent in his singing voice which I really find very distracting. It’s already grating for me, this early. I’m not feeling this at all. It’s sounds too variety show for me. Most notes were hit, true. However, the overall feel of the performance doesn’t strike me as a serious contender, but a fodder at best. Sarah pushes her button at the very last second! Gab looks dazed and is left speechless. He’s now in #TeamSarah, the team he said he wanted to end up with from the start. Bamboo says he urged Sarah to push her button. Sarah says she didn’t find the runs he did annoying. Well, good for you, Sarah. I felt the contrary. Gab reveals he also plays the guitar and the piano, which could be an advantage for him. Lea says his choices within the song were “tasteful”.  And I am left wondering, dazed and speechless. || GRADE: C+

And before we witness the highlight of the night. there is, of course, the need to see a quick clip of a failed audition. You know, to indirectly emphasize how amazing the next performer is by way of contrast. Here’s Michael Salzsieder (ooh, what a weird name) singing an oh-what-a-weird arrangement of Karl Roy’s “Yugyugan Na“. I’m not sure what he’s trying to do with melody. He’s taking it to places it should never be taken to. How’s the driving? I’d say a bit drunk as the notes kept landing in the wrong places.

Mitoy Yunting, 43.
Didith Reyes’ “Bakit Ako Mahihiya”

I’ve seen this guy before. And from what I remember, he’s a powerful vocalist. I’m pretty excited with this Blind Audition. He worked in Japan as an entertainer, singing in bars. He and his group, Draybers won a “Best Performer” award in the 25th Aliw Awards. He says The Voice is the perfect fit for him as the show doesn’t really have a max age limit. He’s relieved it’s The Voice and not The Face. This guy is hilarious as always. This will help him create a following for him. Personality is a big factor in reality competitions. It makes you more relatable and likable. The first note is enough to say great things about his voice. It’s powerful and controlled. It doesn’t go off the rails. Lea pushes her button just a few seconds into the performance. That was fast! He’s got an amazing range. The only problem I can see here is that he’s too theatrical, and in singing competitions like this, it could pose a bit of a problem. Apl is having some goosebumps right there. Damn. He’s hitting the notes like a one-two punch, seamless and effortless. Bamboo decides to turn around, which springs Lea to her feet, not enjoying the fact that she still has to fight against Bamboo. It reminds me a lot of Blake Shelton’s reaction whenever Adam Levine tries to steal a country act from him. He nails that final high note with ease. It’s between Bamboo and Lea, who are on their feet. It’s really a toss-up between these two. He sounds operatic which is where is Lea comes in, and his voice also hints a rock edge, which makes Bamboo a good fit for him. Lea asks him to sing a bit of Japanese after opening up about his gig in Japan. Dang! His voice is still as powerful. Sarah regrets not pushing her button. Mitoy jokes about doing it all over. He’s really funny. I won’t be surprised if he captures a little cult following after tonight. Apl feels the same way. Lea warns the editors to bleep out her next words: “P*****g i*a, galing niyo!” Classic Lea approval. It’s the new “goosies”. Lea is freaking out. Bamboo says it took awhile for him to turn around because “at first [he’s] thinking that [he’s] a better fit for Ms. Lea”, but the character in the his voice made him turn around nonetheless. He’s trying to throw the scarf card, but apparently, it didn’t work as Mitoy picks Lea as her coach. Another serious threat from #TeamLea! The coach is very happy. And she should be. || GRADE: A

So that’s it for the fifth installment of the Blind Auditions! Mitoy Yunting is breaking out as a powerful vocalist in the show, but his problem is his theatricality. But with Lea as her coach, I’m certain she will be able to help him tone it down. An all-out power ballad oldies will be a bad strategy. He needs to show he can also rein in his vocals. Angelique Alcantara is very commercial and she needs to use that to her advantage by singing current Top 40 Pop hits. She needs to stay young in order to stay in the game. Moira dela Torre is one of the many unique-sounding artists in the show who will try to re-arrange every song she’s given. She needs to prove she can sing a song using the original arrangement and make her unique tone do the work.

So far, here’s where the teams stand:

#TeamBamboo: 4
#TeamSarah: 5
#TeamLea: 5
#TeamApl: 5

BA5 Team Bamboo

BA5 Team Sarah

BA5 Team Lea

BA5 Team Apl

Are there new artists that caught your attention? Was I too harsh on some of my letter grades? Did Mitoy Yunting knock some of the early favorites? Let’s discuss in the comments sections below. Don’t forget to share your opinion on the ongoing poll below!


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