The Voice PH – 1×06 – Blind Auditions Part 6 Recap Plus VIDEOS


We are about to dive into the 6th night of the Blind Auditions and we’re almost halfway through finding the first winner of The Voice of the Philippines. Are we going to find it tonight? Possible. Maybe it’s the first artist for this evening. Let’s meet… 

Cara Manglapus
. Etta James’ “At Last

She worked in Ad Sales in newspapers. She felt that music is really her passion, and decided to pursue it. She’s a vocalist for two bands. That’s a plenty. Music drew her and her father closer. She’s singing an Etta James classic. But will it spell good choice for her? I’m leaning towards a no. Her voice is too soft for this song. Also, her lower register is barely inaudible. Whenever she goes down there, she goes as muted as the chair turns. Lea thinks of pushing her button but she’s just waiting for something. But her waiting was all in vain as she doesn’t really get it on with the song. Apparently, Apl is hearing things differently, as he pushes his button, and the only one to do so too. She makes it through by the skin of her teeth under #TeamApl. Lea says she kept waiting for her add some power to it, “just like how Etta James did it”, but is quick to say that she’s not forcing her to sound just like the original. Touché. Sarah wanted a “warmer sound… more soul”. Apl says he liked her voice and admits there are a few things they need to work on and “that’s why [he’s] here”. And of course, this audition isn’t going to end without him giving the female artist the usual “Apl Floral Special”. And I’m randomly daring you to say it fast! || GRADE: B-

Cordovales Father & Son, 19, 42
. Orient Pearl’s “Pagsubok

Here’s the second duo to try out for The Voice. Here’s to hoping they actually know how to do harmonies. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Lorenzana Siblings!) Anyway, this duo is composed of father and son, Willy and Mark Cordovales, hence the name ‘Cordovales Father & Son’. So much for creative duo names. Seriously, who comes up with these lousy names for the duos? He also needs to get fired. Mark the son found himself joining singing contests even as a kid. He even went against the International Youtube Singing Sensation (whew! that’s long), Charice. Willy the father is a tricycle driver who started singing when he was 14. V-reporter Robi personally invited the duo, but gave them separate envelopes? I thought they were a duo? Shouldn’t they be counted as one? But anyway, let’s get into the singing. We’ve had too much drama to take in. Off-key! The son is off-key! Stop it right there. Ooh. Thank God the father’s present in this audition. He brought the notes back to its proper places. Yey! Finally a duo who knows their harmonies. Mark tries to hit a high note  but fails to keep it powerful. Whoa.  There you go. Willy shows him how it’s done, which makes Lea push her button. The father is dominating this duo, which would make this good for him if this was Battle Rounds. But they’re in a duo, not in a showdown. I guess it didn’t matter for Bamboo as he decided to turn his chair. Apl says he waited for the “slam dunk” that didn’t happen. Lea says their voices have different timbres. She also feels Willy was the stronger singer. Again, not a good thing for a duo. Bamboo says the harmonies that they did sold him. He finds the duo a unique act and would want them to be part of his team. The father leaves the decision to son, who, after the excessive commercials, chose to be part of #TeamBamboo! Finally, he scores his first male act. It’ll be interesting what Bamboo can do with them. Let’s hope he could make the loose ends meet. || GRADE: B-

Hans Dimayuga, 24.
Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me

His parents encouraged him to join singing contests, a classic upbringing of Filipino singers. When he grew up, he joined the theater and formed a band. V-reported Robi handed him the invitation for the Blind Auditions through a devious plan, which is taking up so much airtime. He’s doing an unplugged version of the classic Motown hit. I’m not crazy about his take on the song. He’s forcing too much run in it. Soul is not about making one note feel like it’s ten syllables. It’s about feeling what you’re singing. And I can’t feel the emotion he’s trying to convey. But Sarah seems to be feeling something as she pushed her button. The performance is stagnant. He’s trying to hit the high notes. He’s pushing it. He’s gone to his head voice. Falsetto aaaaand… flops. Ouch. He slightly redeems himself with the run he put at the end. But it’s already too late. Oh, right. He’s in #TeamSarah. I almost forgot. Apl says he enjoyed the originality. Lea says she felt like the choices he made were half-forced and half-spontaneous, but says it’s a “coach-able thing”. Sarah loved the originality. She admits there are still things to be worked on and believes there’s still more that he can show. Here’s to hoping she’s right. || GRADE: C+

This night of the Blind Auditions will not be over without the quick slideshow of the poor souls claiming their 10 seconds of fame… or shame. Here’s Koreen Medina doing a disservice to the Ike and Tina Turner’s smash, “River Deep Mountain High“, scooping notes here and there, thereby lacking the aggressive attack of Turner to each note. We also see Joanne Bernal singing a very unlikely Sergio Mendez hit, “Mas Que Nada“, which sounds more like the Sitti Navarro version, but with a more distracting swooping vocal line.

Jacob Benedicto, 21.
Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight

He is a Communication Arts student in DLSU. He started singing when he thirteen. He spent most of his childhood in Indonesia. And when he moved back to the Philippines, he found music as a defense from culture shock. Wow. Interesting tone. This could be good. Or not. There’s something lacking in this performance. I’m missing how the melody is just free-flowing. This one flows and then halts and curves. It’s missing that fluidity that the song requires. Another thing is that he doesn’t round-up his phrases tightly. He’s leaving the ends of his phrases dead open.  The thing is, he doesn’t sound bad at all. He’s actually a good singer. He hits most of the notes. His voice is unique. But the thing with standards like this is that you can’t just sing it nonchalantly and you also can’t overshoot it. There should be a constant effort to strike a balance between the two. It must be free-flowing but also a bit gritty. That might be the reason why none of the coaches pushed their buttons. Sarah says the song is old and she wanted him to make it sound younger, like how Michael Bublé modernized the song. Bamboo felt he was oversinging it. Really? I thought he was underperforming it. Apl says he’s looking for something more up there in the higher register. He’s looking for belters is one way to put it. Lea points out that performing classic songs like this should make the listener feel like they want to “approach [the singer], rather than [the singer] trying to please [them]”. She tells him he should be seductive when he sings. || GRADE: B-

Don Michael “Myk” Perez, 22.
 Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours

His mom died of cancer. He was studying Conservatory of Music in UST when his mom was diagnosed with the illness. He had to give up his course since chemotherapy costs a lot. He had to give up his passion. But The Voice opened up an opportunity for him to continue the dream that he and his mom had ever since he was a kid. He’s singing a Jason Mraz hit. He has a gravelly voice comparable to a less smoky James Morrisson or a less jazzy Casey Abrams. Somewhere in between. He’s hitting a couple of bum notes, but the overall he still sounds good. Bamboo and Lea pushes their button at the same time. It didn’t take long before Sarah pushed her button too. The vocals run he did felt a little shaky. He doesn’t quite hit it where it’s supposed to be struck at times. The growls felt a little forced rather than spontaneous. But I guess the whole feel of the performance overshadowed these minute details as Apl pushes his button, making this the 3rd four-chair turn so far. It’s a good performance, but I just find it a bit inconsistent. Nevertheless, the coaches seems to enjoy it a lot as they go wild battling it out to get him to join their team. He’s a bit flustered. Lea felt he was greatly connected with his guitar while playing it. Sarah felt the “sincerity” in his performance. She says she didn’t hear Jason Mraz in his singing, but she could hear the influence of Mraz in his voice. Whatever that means. She also says she could hear Bamboo and Bruno Mars as well. Whaaat?! Where and how? I’m utterly confused right now. Bamboo says the two of them are a “match made in heaven.” He also feels the decision is pretty easy. It’s clear he should be in his team, he says. The bloody fight among the coaches is still a brewing. Apl even pulls out his Hollywood connections. Wow. I’ve never seen these coaches fight for an artist this hard. I must have missed something. I can’t really jump into the bandwagon right now. But it’ time to choose. Myk starts off by saying he likes Sarah. Uh-oh. Bad news, SG. And she could feel it. In the end, he chose to be part of #TeamBamboo! I say good fit. But I’m still not buying the hype. Sorry. Maybe I’m just being bitchy about it. LOL. Let’s hope he prove me wrong then. || GRADE: B+

Robert Cozma, 36.
Wency Cornejo’s “Habang May Buhay

Guess who’s back! It’s “Silhouette McCrap”. Now this is something I really can’t help but be bitchy about. Just enough with this garbage idea. It’s not even sadistically fun to watch. It’s purely distracting. See? I suddenly come up with these oxymorons from out of thin air. Effin’ oxymorons! Okay, calm down now, Raven. Calm down. Let’s go back to the artist. He currently has no job and is focusing on his family and his music. He’s singing “Habang May Buhay”. Please say you’re kidding. Nope. He’s not joking. He’s actually doing the tired and overplayed song in Filipino singing competitions. When are they going to retire this? His voice is really airy. And while that may work for some artists, his is just too breathy that you can’t really understand a word when he goes into his soft spots. It’s either lost in the air or lost in his mouth. The only consolation here is how he’s connected to what he’s singing. That’s a great thing, but his voice just doesn’t cut it for me. It’s too middle of the road for my taste. The coaches seem to feel the same way as none of them turns around. They’re shocked to see a white guy in front of them. A white guy who can sing and speak Tagalog. Of course, we are all endeared by that. His father’s Syrian and his mother is a Filipina, which explains everything. Sarah asks him to sing in English. He sings a bit of Gary Valenciano’s “How Did You Know” and he’s still as emotionally connected as before and I think this song better showcased his vocals. That extended high note at end is pretty impressive. The coaches felt this second song should’ve been his audition piece. And yeah, he would have fared better with this one. Sarah is tearing up as he walks off the stage. || GRADE: C+

And that ends Week 3 of The Voice. Not a lot of stand-outs tonight, for me at least. Even the four-chair turner Don Michael Perez didn’t really capture my attention. This is debatable, but I think he’s overhyped. But that’s just me. With the right coaching, he may be able to change my mind. I don’t think he’s cannon fodder, but I’m also not sure if he’s a shoo-in for the live rounds. But considering they the pimping he got tonight, he’s has a big chance.

The real highlight for me tonight was the bantering between the judges over Myk Perez. They were really getting on with it, and fought hard. That’s the kind of bantering I have been waiting for from the coaches. A friendly slashing of throats, throwing in the big guns. But at the end of it, you know they still like each other. More of that please. More of that. And less of Silhouette McCrap!

Here’s where the teams stand so far:

#TeamBamboo: 6
#TeamSarah: 6
#TeamLea: 5
#TeamiApl: 6

BA6 Team Bamboo

BA6 Team Sarah

BA6 Team Lea

BA6 Team Apl


How about you? Are there new artists added to your own little team? Agree or disagree: Myk Perez deserved his 4-chair turn. Sound off in the comments section below! Also, don’t forget to take the polls (which is put up late because I forgot add it when I first publish this).


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