The Voice PH – 1×07 – Blind Auditions Part 7 Recap Plus VIDEOS

Angelica Prado, Juvie Pelos, and Diday Garcellano try out for The Voice PH

Angelica Prado, Juvie Pelos, and Diday Garcellano try out for The Voice PH

The fourth week of the Blind Auditions is a-coming! And I’m trying to do a live-blog tonight. Let’s see if I can do it!

We’re halfway through finding the very first The Voice of the Philippines. Okay, that little recap is nice. Are the editors finally doing the job they’re paid? If so, hurray to that! Another question: will we find another serious contender to the #VoicePH trophy tonight? Let’s hope so!

Ramoncito Alfonso, 29.
Gary Valenciano’s “Di Na Natuto

He is currently working as a key account officer for a media platform but before that he used to be in a band called 17:28 and did one of their albums under Star Records. They disbanded in 2005 and he never went back to singing until now. He’s using this opportunity to go back to singing. He’s singing a jazzier version of one of Mr. Pure Energy’s hit songs. Interesting. He doesn’t sound bad, but he’s hitting a couple of flats, so I can’t totally get behind his jazzy inflections. He tries scatting but doesn’t quite hit it right. Bummer. None of the coaches turned. Sarah says he overstyled the song and hinted that the runs he did were weak. Lea says his problem was the intonation, in a way that his vocals doesn’t quite match with the sound of the band. Bamboo liked how he played with the arrangement and infused some jazzy inflections but says he can’t quite hit the notes right. Apl says he liked that “[he’s] very daring” and agrees with Lea about the intonation. || GRADE: C+

Angelica Prado, 25. Cranberries’ “Dreams”

Wait. I remember this girl. She joined the first season of the X-Factor Philippines and she made quite an impact. I’ve always loved her voice. I actually didn’t know what happened to her as she was inexplicably cut. I’m pretty excited with this one. Is she any better now? She’s in a “variety band”, whatever that means. A little sob story about his father. Okay. Hmm. Cranberries? Yep. It is. And she still sounds great. Ooh I like those breaks in her voice. Very interesting. Lea pushes her button. Although the arrangement still reminds me a lot of The Cranberries, she’s making it somewhat her own. Bamboo also turns his chair. The runs. Wow. Those are really hard to hit perfectly, but she’s able to do a good job with it. It’s a battle between Bamboo and Lea. Apl says the song was fun, but “[she] just didn’t get [him]”. Sarah says she’s a great singer but she is looking for something different. Bamboo admits there were a few problems in her performance but says he can work on that IF she joins his team. Lea says there was a clear influence from the original singer, but says the runs she did were “clean” and “accurate”, which is a telling of how far Angelica’s vocals can go. She adds that she is able to connect with the emotion of the song and that she will be able to push her more in that direction. Lea “thinks” he is the right coach, but Bamboo strikes back saying he’s is “sure” he’s the right coach. Quite a nice fight. But after all that, she finally decided to join #TeamBamboo! It will be interesting if Bamboo will push her more to her sensitive rock side or to a completely different place. Ooh, it’s getting crazy backstage. Next artist please! || GRADE: B+

Paolo Onesa, 19.
Apo Hiking Society’s “Yakap Sa Dilim”

Here’s the next artist, shown in “a completely different” way because they want the viewers to feel what the coaches are feeling. Okay. If this is your way of explaining why you can’t just let go of Silhouette McCrap, then I still ain’t buying this sh*t. It’s still unnecessary, useless, and just completely distracting! We didn’t ask for this so please stop shoving it down our throat. That crap just isn’t going to happen. So just shut it down. Anyway, so much for that. This next artist is a Mass Communication student in Ateneo de Zamboanga. He’s part of a trio and sings in different events. Her grandma is paralyzed and wants to make her happy by joining The Voice. V-reporter Alex interviews him for a bit and I just realized one thing. Just when I thought there won’t be anyone that I would hate more than Christina Millan, I found Alex. She’s really grating on my nerves even in the littlest thing she does. Oh, he’s singing a classic OPM hit. I love the choice. I just don’t love the performance. Ugh. This performance is heading to the corner of Pitchy and Inaudible. Lots of flats! Lots of sharps! Yikes! Woah. Did Bamboo just push his button? What?! Either Bamboo is having some difficulties hearing the pitchy vocals or he’s collecting a few cannon fodders along the way. There is no other way to explain how this guy ends up in a team. Any team. If I could get a dollar out of every bum notes he hits, I’d be rich. Add to that his weak falsettos and rough runs. His phrasing too is quite weird. He’s chopping it like a cranky chef to his crunchy celeries. Gee. How worse could this performance go? I’m terrified of the possibilities. Apl tries to push his button. What?! I’m completely astounded. Eep! He fails hitting that high note. And then Lea murmurs “smart… very smart”. I am in the twilight zone. And right now, I really don’t care what the coaches are about to say, so yeah. I’ll skip the coaches’ babbles and save myself of further dumbfoundedness. Since only Bamboo pushed his button, Paolo makes it through under #TeamBamboo. And I don’t really care because he’s going to be sent packing right away, anyway. || GRADE: D

Diday Garcellano, 21. Duffy’s “Mercy

She’s a student and partly works in bars as a singer. She started singing when she was 5. Their family business went bankrupt and that’s the “hardest thing she went through”. I swear, if the next artists start their little life story with that same line, I will flip out. Like seriously. What’s wrong with drama-free life? Ugh. She starts wailing Duffy’s song, which found Lea pushing her button almost immediately. Uh. Are you sure about this? I’m not quite sure this was button-push-worthy. I need a few more seconds. Aaaand… no. Not really digging this. At all. Her vocal runs are too weak and too forced and not at all pleasant to hear. It’s like running around with a twisted limb. She’s dragging the notes like it was a heavy compartment. Once again, I’m scratching my head at how she managed to make it though. Oops! She misses the transition. This is a hot mess. Really. But Lea seems to be enjoying it. And happy she is as she gets Diday all to herself. She automatically becomes part of #TeamLea! The girl attempts to get teary-eyed but fails miserably. Trying to get pity votes, huh? Apl talks about being able to relate with her emotion. Emotion? There was emotion? It barely registered with me, I guess. Sarah says girl never went off-pitch (my left eyebrow just arched), but she was waiting for her to get syncopated with the beat. Finally a critique! Thank you for that. I thought I was losing it for a second. Bamboo agrees with Sarah and would have pushed his button (NO!) if she did that. Lea freaks out, just like every time. I wonder if Diday is any better without her “supposed” colds. We’ll just find out in the Battles, I guess. || GRADE: C-

Janel Favila, 22.
Updharma Down “Oo

She’s working in a multinational company in the Logistics department. Singing is her passion and she’ hoping The Voice is her avenue to break into that. Oh. Very interesting tone, although sounding so much alike the original might pose a problem for her. She’s trying to make it her own, but doesn’t quite manages it. She’s not really injecting enough “swing” to the song. The melody feels a little bit afloat and she doesn’t do a full-touching-the-ground landing to the ends of her phrases. But, even so, she’s still better than the last two artists that made it through, so why are the coaches not pushing their buttons?! I’m a little iffy about this. It’s confusing, really that somehow, none of the coaches turns. I mean, I wouldn’t turn around for this as well, but if two weaker performances can make red chairs turn around, then why not this one? I’m baffled. Sarah says the song, while lad-back, is “complicated”. Well, she indirectly tells us that girl didn’t hit the notes and the runs right. Bamboo says she has a pretty tone but says it closely resembles the original. He’s waiting for something that’s completely hers. Lea says she’s having “some pitch issues” (and failed to hear this with the previous artist? Why oh why?), but says she can still work on it, being very young. || GRADE: C+

It’s time for the obligatory slideshow of failed auditions! Here’s Katrina Madrigal attempting a Lani-esque display of dynamics but only resulted to an emotion-deprived and lackluster performance of “Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin“. Next is Argel Laur generously shouting every line of Rockstar’s “Mahal Pa Rin Kita“, that it was pushed to the edge of sharpness.

Juvie Pelos, 21.
Uwahig” from the play of the same title

She works as a staff in a shipping line. She says she has a unique voice and that should make the coaches turn. I don’t know but I’m having terrifying flashbacks of joke auditions from American Idol. They’re usually the ones that says that line. Let’s hope The Voice differs. She’s going to sing a song from a traditional play. Brave. That’s a big disadvantage, being a a very peculiar song that none of the coaches may have heard. She’s starting the song a capella. Wow. What a clear voice! I love how it’s so organic. The runs are also very particular and she’s hitting it with ease. It sounds very ethnic, an honest-to-God folk sound. She nails that goosebump-inducing high note “Apoy!”, that made Bamboo smash his button, literally and repeatedly. Wow. He likes her that much. And yeah. We can hear the button push now editors. Good job. Lea can’t help but turn her red chair too. It didn’t take long before the audition became the season’s fourth four-chair turn. Well-deserved! In my honest opinion, this was the first four-chair turn that really had that big of an impact, to me at least. Bamboo says the performance was “beautiful” and that “[he] was blown away”. Lea says the performance took them to a very far place. She adds that it was “original and something that [she hasn’t] heard before”. “It was too interesting to ignore”, she says. Bamboo reminds her of how hard he pushed his button for her. Lea admires her bravery for picking an obscure song. Sarah says Juvie transported her to a different “dimension”. She also says that her voice perfectly represents the culture of the Philippines. Apl keeps tinkering around his phone. Apparently, he’s trying to pull out yet another “international connection” card. This time, he’s trying to call fellow BEP member,, but his batteries ran out. He says he was taken back to his roots, and that her performance was amazing. Failing to use his trump card, he took out a different card — two placards, anyway, with written words like “Akin Ka Na Lang” and “Bagay Tayo”. Okay. After yet another excessively long gap, she finally chooses to go with the coach she clearly admires, Lea! They’re a perfect match, I think. She’s a good fit under #TeamLea! She will be a very interesting artist in this competition. I just hope Lea makes the right choices with her. || GRADE: A

And that ends tonight’s Blind Auditions! We found a very interesting vocals from Juvie Pelos. It’s exciting how far Lea can stretch her voice. I expect more peculiar and indie song choices from her. She needs to pick songs that are in line with Florence + the Machines and artists with similar sounds. But she needs to avoid being too obscure and show that her music also hints radio-friendliness. Angelica Prado‘s X-Factor Philippines stint gave her a bit of a following that may or may not continue supporting her in this competition, but nonetheless, an advantage. She needs to establish her niche, her own sound, to really find her place in the competition.
Also noticeable tonight is the work of the editors, who finally, are doing their jobs. They now have a Team Stats screen, which is admirable. Not bad at all. The sound effects are finally in full display tonight (Yey for the button push SFX!), although there remains to be muted moments here and there. But hey, at least they’re finally listening to the viewer’s complaints, although it seems they’re not parting with Silhouette McCrap anytime soon.
So far, here’s where the teams stand:

#TeamBamboo: 8
#TeamSarah: 6
#TeamLea: 7
#TeamApl: 6


What are your feelings towards Part 7 of the Blind Auditions? Was I too harsh tonight? Have we witnessed the worst (I’m looking at you Paolo) and the best (hurray Juvie) audition performances so far? Let me know what you think and hit the comments section below. Plus, take the poll!


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