The Voice PH – 1×08 – Blind Auditions Part 8 Recap Plus VIDEOS

Lance Fabros, Yuki Ito, and Nicole Parada try out for The Voice PH

Lance Fabros, Yuki Ito, and Nicole Parada try out for The Voice PH

Welcome to the 8th night of the Blind Auditions! Last night’s Juvie Pelos created quite an impression after a chilling performance of an obscure song called “Uwahig“. Will we find another buzz-worthy artist tonight? Let’s all find out.

Ayana Grico, 21.
Guns ‘N Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine

Her older sister has cerebral palsy and her father has colon cancer. Woah. Full-blown drama from the get-go? I haven’t even got the chance to breathe, let alone get to know her more. That turns me off. And her singing doesn’t really change anything I feel about this girl. I don’t like her. Her voice is very affected. She’s trying so much to sound like Axl, but she doesn’t have the chops for it. She’s trying to add grit to he vocals but all I could hear is weird injection of growl here and there. Her vocals are all over the place. I’m not enjoying how she attacks the song. It’s like punching the air. She tries to be powerful but it only makes the song sound pitchy in various places. Sarah says the “rawness” of her voice still needs to be polished. Bamboo says the delivery is what made him not push the button. He feels the inflections she’s putting into the song is something that is forced and that’s really not hers. Apl tells her: “nasobrahan ng angas” which is a polite way of saying that she oversang the song. Lea says the band overpowers her. She says the singer should stand out over the band. || GRADE: D+

Kathreen Castro, 21.
Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep

She is an architecture student in Ateneo de Davao. She says she doesn’t want to watch The Voice and regret not joining. Okay. Let’s see if she has what it takes. WHAAAT?! Another singer is attempting this Adele song?! When will they realize that if they can’t sing it as well as Adele, you ain’t having a great time up there? There are millions of songs in the world, why choose something that is clearly out of your range? First few seconds into the song and one can already tell her voice can’t handle the song. She goes off-pitch several times. Even her choices are a little hit-and-miss and uncertain. She tries the high note and kind of pulls it off, which then makes Lea push her button. Really? Someone turned around for that? Well, I guess thank God for that almost-nailed high note, but I wouldn’t have turned for something that already started wobbly. She continues the song and doesn’t really change how I feel about the performance, but somehow, she’s able to make Bamboo and Lea turn their red chairs for her. I’m shocked she’s a three-chair turner. Apl says the performance lacked energy, that’s why he didn’t turn for her. Sarah says she enjoyed her own style. What style might I ask? She sounds very karaoke to me. Bamboo says she liked how daring she is with her choices. Yeah, but daring doesn’t really equal greatness if she messes it up. Lea says girl will not regret joining her team. She waited for the high note, and will push her. Sarah says she will be a good “ate” to her, but Lea snarks back and asks Kathreen if she want someone nice to her or someone who will push her. But girl seems to like the idea of being sisters with Sarah and chooses her to be her coach. Not an impressive addition to #TeamSarah, but what do I know? The three-chair turn must have meant something. I just didn’t get what it is. || GRADE: C-

Lance Fabros, 28. Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars

Since I don’t think Silhouette McCrap is leaving anytime soon, I guess I just have to suck it up and get over the reality that the show is really trying to make their rubbish concept happen. He works as an acoustic performer in bars. He wants The Voice to validate that he is indeed a talented singer. Oh. Good song choice. He starts out really good. You can hear how smooth his voice is. He’s on pitch most of the time, which is a good thing. Oops. What happened? He stumbles when he hits the chorus. Ouch. He lost that silky tone he had when he started and now his voice feels a little bit strained. This creates a big hole on him. He’s not consistent with his vocals. When the song went back to it’s subtle verses, he’s transported back to a more comfortable place which makes Apl push his button. I don’t know. For me, his problem with his higher register poses a more long-term threat than it looks like. He will be very limited with a voice that has a short range. I’m afraid it’s not workable in a very short time that Apl will mentor him. Nonetheless, he’s now part of #TeamApl. Lea says he’s not what she’s looking for. Sarah says she liked his diction when he sang.  Bamboo says exactly what I’m thinking. He says he started out good but by the time he hit the chorus, he fell into the trap of over-singing the song.  Finally, someone speaks of the truth! Apl says the performance was “Boom Boom Boom”, which doesn’t really make any sense to me at all. || GRADE: B-

Stan Perfecto, 22.
Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain

He’s a wedding singer. He says he’s been singing since he was a kid. He dedicates his brave song choice to his family. He’s singing a huge Bruno Mars song. Well, good luck with that. He’s starting the song at the top of his range. I don’t think that’s a very good idea. The song is pitched too high for him. A semi-tone lower would have made his vocals sound better. I mean, yes, it sounds like he’s hitting most of his notes, but really, his voice is really wobbly. It actually sounds strained. I can hear flats and sharps all over the place. But Apl doesn’t really care and turns around anyway. Yet another mediocre vocalist for #TeamApl. Bamboo says there were parts that were a little shaky. rue! Lea likes the timbre of his voice, but says she’s looking for that certain precision when hitting notes. Apl admits there are thing to work on, but nevertheless, glad that he’s part of his team. Hooray? Let’s see if a different song will make him sound better and change my view on him. || GRADE: C+

We’ve reached that time of the episode where they feature a quick slideshow of failed auditions. Tonight, we witness Jumed Nicolas singing “Forget You” like a drunk man on a midnight karaoke session. He goes off-pitch several times as he attempts to inject uncontrolled and unnecessary growls and howls. Next in line is Lana Mariano singing a really weird arrangement of “Iisa Pa Lamang“. She sounds really old and lacks the nuance that the song needs.

Nicole Parada, 23.
Natalie Cole’s “Inseparable

She is currently working as a call-center agent. When  she went back to Australia, she joined a singing competition where she landed in 3rd place. Pretty impressive. She is doing this for herself and her family. Nice choice. And she’s got a really interesting vocals too. But she’s a little weak on certain spots. And a little inaudible whenever she goes into her lower register. Her tone is a bit jazzy but not quite. His voice can be too thin at certain areas especially in the higher parts of the song. But her middle register is just fine. Overall, I think the performance is okay. I’m not sure if I would turn around if I was sitting in one of those coaches, but Bamboo sure does as he pushes his button at very last second. She’s automatically recruited into #TeamBamboo! Sarah think she has a good voice, but she didn’t feel the emotion that the song should convey. She felt sadness when the song should’ve made her feel the love. Lea says the performance didn’t take her to where she wanted to go. Bamboo, however, enjoyed it and says her voice is “clean” and “prestine”. Quite true, but the overall feel of the performance bordered on too soft and too mellow. He admits though that there are still a few things that needs to be worked on. What he makes of this one is unknown. But one thing is certain. Camp Kawayan scored yet another PYT. || GRADE B-

Wilson Penaflor, 25.
Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You

He works as a cruise ship singer. He also cross-dress to entertain the passengers. V-reporter Robi personally invites him. He’s singing a tired song. Very cruise ship indeed. Oh boy, he’s over-singing. He overuses the growls too that it’s already bordering on a strangely stained gravelly vocals. The song is injured by the time he hit the chorus, but he still continued to kick the hell out of it, and not in a very pleasant kind of way. It’s already dead by the time he finished singing. Cause of death: multiple fatal blows to the wrong places. He killed the song, and “killed” in this case means he left no room for the song to breathe and left it bleeding in agony. I can hear it shout and beg for mercy. Thankfully, the coaches heard the same thing and refused to turn their chair. Sarah says he sounded angry all throughout the song. Yes, a manslaughter on the loose. Bamboo says guy forces the power into it and overuses his growls. Bingo! Apl talks about dynamics, saying he should have started the song a little soft and put the power at the end. Lea says the quality of his vocals is unique, but says he overshoots the song. No and yes. Respectively. || GRADE: D+

Hideyuki “Yuki” Ito, 22.
– James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s World

He’s out and proud. He says he tried to deny his homosexuality and hid it from his family. He had a boyfriend for a year and of course, things will have to be revealed sooner or later. He says his family accepted him just the way he is. He lost his voice when he lost in a competition. The depression is too much for him. Peer pressure forced him into trying drugs. He eventually stopped when he realized it’s no good for him. Wow. Great song choice! Interesting. His voice is okay. Above average I would say. There are just a couple of things that doesn’t really work for me. It’s a little bit rough and whiny at certain times. Woah. He tries a Joshua-Ledet-trademark scat on the song, and kinda pulls it off, but kinda not really. I mean, it’s on-pitch but it seems a little forced. Sarah seems to like the scatting as he pushes her button. Hmm. It’s still a little shaky for me. He hits a few bum notes along the way. Ooh, nice falsetto over there. It makes Lea turn around for him. Wow. I like this guy’s showmanship. He really is performing. He’s digging deep within the song, which is a breath of fresh air amidst a pool of artists who are locked on the floor when performing.  It’s now a battle between Sarah and Lea. Apl says he’s looking for more James Brown in the performance but didn’t quite hear it. Hmm. That’s quite a feat being able to sing as good as the legendary soul man James Brown. Almost impossible. Yuki says he joins gay contests and cross-dresses but he advocates this isn’t about his gender preference and mainly about his voice. Preach! Bamboo appreciates the shorts, which turns out made by his boyfriend. Sweet. Sarah says his voice is of international quality. Classic, she says. She also tells him: “Alam na alam mo siguro yung man’s world”, with a sexual innuendo. Really Sarah? You went there? That isn’t even the what the song is about. Wherever that came from, I don’t know and I don’t want to know. Lea says he knows what the song is really about and that “[he] lived it”. “Boses pa lang, ulam na”, she says. Sarah reminds him that she’s the first to push her button. After telling how much he loves Lea, she chooses Sarah as his coach. Now this is a good catch for #TeamSarah. I wonder how far he can go. || GRADE: B+

And that ends Week 4 of the Blind Auditions. We’re almost through filling all twelve of the coaches’ slots. Tonight’s set of artists are kind of lackluster for me. A lot of them seem cannon fodder-y, just like last night. The only standout tonight is Yuki Ito, who seems pretty inconsistent with his vocals but knows how to perform. That will definitely his edge against the artist he will go against with in the Battle Rounds. And while I admire the showmanship, I’m not sure going the uptempo dance-y route with complicated choreography will be a good strategy for him. He needs to stick with picking song where he can dig deep and tap into the emotion and the story within the song.

After eight days of Blind Auditions, here’s where the teams stand so far:

#TeamBamboo: 9
#TeamSarah: 8
#TeamLea: 7
#TeamApl: 8


What’s your take on the 8th night of the Blind Auditions? Did you find anyone you’re going to root for? Did Yuki Ito move you? Let’s discuss in the comments section below! Be sure to take the polls too.

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