The Voice PH SPOILERS – The Names of the Advisors for Each Team REVEALED!

At the onset of this month of July, preparations for the Battle Rounds has gone underway! Yes, that means all four coaches and the members of their respective teams came together for the very first time to shoot the mentoring session. But for the Battles, four important people in the music industry will join the superstar coaches and The Voice artists. These people are called the Advisors. They will team-up with the coaches in mentoring the artists in their team. They will help in deconstructing the song, distributing the parts to the battle pairings and share tips for the upcoming battle.

The names of these so-called advisors were reported by byxbuzz in the days following the said initial preparations. One by one, they were revealed. And last night, the last of the advisors was finally named. Read further if you want to be spoiled.

————————– SPOILER STARTS HERE ————————

Gary V

Gary Valenciano is Team Sarah’s advisor

The first advisor to be revealed is a cornerstone of Original Pinoy Music, Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano. He will team-up with coach Sarah Geronimo in mentoring the artists in her team.


Joey Ayala

Joey Ayala is Team Bamboo’s advisor

On the same day, the same source reported that legendary Filipino pop-ethnic music artist Joey Ayala will be Team Bamboo’s advisor.


Arnel Pineda

Arnel Pineda is Team Apl’s advisor

On June 5, the source hinted an International singer as Team Apl’s advisor. A few people speculated it was fellow BEP member, Fergie, but it was actually who most people thought it will be: Journey’s current frontman, Arnel Pineda.

Gerard Salonga

Gerard Salonga is Team Lea’s advisor

The final name was revealed last night. The assumption that coach Lea Salonga’s brother will be her team’s advisor was verified correct as Gerard Salonga was named as Team Lea’s advisor.

To summarize, the advisors are:

  • Gary Valenciano for Team Sarah
  • Joey Ayala for Team Bamboo
  • Arnel Pineda for Team Apl
  • Gerard Salonga for Team Lea


What do you think about the line-up of the advisors? Are they the right choice for each team? Let’s discuss in the comments section below! And don’t forget to read my full recaps, and performance reviews with videos and polls! They are all neatly filed under this link.

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    • The Fanart Factory
    • July 8th, 2013

    I like the contrast between Apl and Arnel so I have good hopes for that. I have a feeling that Gary might overshadow Sarah, sana wag naman. Interesting choice kay Joey Ayala, naexcite ako sa mga pwedeng mangyari for Camp Kawayan. Medyo meh ako kay Gerald Salonga, baka he’s too much on the same wavelength w/ Lea and might not be able to offer a different perspective. Pero let’s see.

    Last weekend na ba for the Blinds next week? Ang dragging na eh.

    • Direk Laurenti Dyogi tweeted that there will be two more weeks of the Blind Auditions.

      My guess is that there will be three more actual Blind Auditions episode, and the other one will be the “Road To The Battles” episode.

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