Glee 5 News: Glitters On Glee? Adam Lambert Joins The Cast! Plus Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester) Reacts!

Adam Lambert Joins Glee

Adam Lambert Joins Glee

Glamberts, rejoice! The flamboyant and news magnet American Idol Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert is confirmed to join the cast of the hit musical-comedy TV series Glee for its fifth season due to air this fall. 

At 6:56 PM (GMT +8) of July 10, the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy tweeted on his official twitter account:

Adam Lambert replied at 7:34 PM (GMT +8), which further verifies the great news:

Word spread like wildfire. No details about Lambert’s role has been released but speculations of Lambert’s role within the show surfaced in various entertainment news blogs. For instance, MjsBigBlog speculates that he will be playing a New York character, most probably a Broadway actor in Funny Girl, which show’s protagonist Rachel Berry got a callback for at the end of Season 4. MJ also thinks Adam might play an employee at where Kurt Hummel is currently working. Yours truly agrees with MJ’s idea. Growing up as a theater kid, Lambert is an easy fit for that role.

But the other big question is: will Adam Lambert be a series regular, recurring character or simply a guest star (like fellow Idol alum, Jessica Sanchez)? A lot of people thinks he might be a regular character, and while there is a possibility to the speculation, methinks he will probably be a recurring character. But who knows? It’s still more or less two months before the start of the fifth season. More information will start getting out of the bag in less than a month so stay tuned for all the tasty bits of details.
Also, in an article on, Matthew Morrison who plays McKinley teacher and New Directions coach Will Schuester reacts to the news.

The Internet is buzzing that American Idol alum Adam Lambert will join season five of TV’s Glee. caught up with Glee’s Emmy-nominated star Matthew Morrison and broke the casting news to him.

“Wow,” he exclaimed. “That’s cool news!”

Morrison has dueted with such notable Glee guest stars as Kristin Chenoweth, Gwyneth Paltrow, Idina Menzel and Neil Patrick Harris, so we wanted to know which song he’d like to rock out to with theAmerican Idol runner-up.

“One of my favorite songs I got to rock out on was ‘Dream On’ with Neil Patrick Harris, so an Aerosmith song would be cool,” the recently engaged star told “Coldplay would be really fun; it’s not much of a rock-out song, but ‘Paradise’ or ‘Viva La Vida.’”

We can remember Adam Lambert’s first television acting stint on the third season of Pretty Little Liars where he played, in a Halloween episode, a role as himself, performed two of his songs and delivered a few lines. But it is very likely that he will have longer exposure in Glee.

Glee 5 is scheduled to air on September 19th, 9/8c on FOX.


So, what do you think of this juicy Glee season 5 news? Is Adam Lambert going to be a series regular, a recurring character, or a guest star? What role might he be playing? Let’s speculate in the comments section below. I will update this page once more information about Adam’s Glee stint comes out, so don’t forget to hit bookmark.


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  1. Adam Lambert was on yesterday with the cast of Glee and he fit right in thank u for coming on glee.The season should be great..:-) Susan Finley:-)

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