The Voice PH – 1×10 – Blind Auditions Part 10 Recap Plus VIDEOS

Lecelle Trinidad. Japs Mendoza, and Penelope Matanguihan try out for The Voice PH

Here we go. The tenth night of the Blind Auditions is a coming. I still can’t get over Janice Javier‘s performance last night. That’s how awesome it is. Definitely deserving of the 4-chair turn. Will another artist be able to outsing the show’s current frontrunner?

Rainier Acosta, 29.
Rodel Naval’s “Muli

He is a band vocalist. Ooh, he says 90’s OPM singer Rodel Naval is his grandfather, and he will be singing one of the latter’s song, “Muli”. Now that;s keeping the family close. Literally. He wants to win The Voice to better his life and to give back to his parents. Classic story. Hmm. He has good voice, but I just find it a little bit affected. He scoops the notes that he’s trying to hit instead of attacking it straight on. But whatever. Lea pushes her button anyway. I’m not entirely liking the vibrato he’s infusing in every line. It feels overdosed. The only good thing about this is that he’s on-pitch most of the time. But the overall feel of the performance is a bit lackluster. Only Lea turned her chair, which means he’s stuck with #TeamLea. Sarah says she liked the song choice. Bamboo says his style is a far from what he’s doing. Apl says it’s not what he’s looking for (like always). They all think Lea is a great coach for him. So much courtesy. I like this panel. Lea liked the vibrato (I oppose, but, what do I know? LOL!). She even likened him with Usher. Hmm. Last time I heard Usher, he doesn’t sound like that. Lea is in love! With his voice. She’s happy he’s in her team. Well, good for you, Ms. Lea. || GRADE: C+

Talia Reyes, 20.
Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning

Oh c’mon Toni. Stop making Silhouette McCrap happen, because no matter how many times you tell me how brilliant you think this idea is, it’s still garbage. And before I could go into a full blast rant about this intolerable bull crap they’re shoving down our throats, let’s take a look into our next artist, Talia. She’s a Music Education student in UP-Diliman. Her mom is a back-up singer and a vocal coach. She joined The Voice to establish who she wants to be artistically, and to give back to her mom. Oh, she’s singing “Sunday Morning”? Wow. She turned the melody upside down and it doesn’t feel so forced. It feels like this should have been how it’s sang. She’s giving it a jazzy, almost middle-eastern vibe, which I’m really digging since she started singing. She has a velvety smooth tone. I like when her voice goes soft but not at all thin when she hits her falsetto. One thing though, she hits a couple of flats and sharps here and there. But the overall feel of her performance overshadows these minute details. Bamboo pushes his button at the very last minute. Nice catch for #TeamBamboo. Apl congratulates her and says she has a great coach. Lea says the moment she started singing that very different arrangement of the song, she felt girl is a better fit for Bamboo. Sarah says her voice and her style is unique and also feels the same way as Lea. Bamboo says the first thing he noticed was the arrangement and “it took [him] a while to digest the whole thing”. He sees an artist in her, Bamboo adds.  || GRADE: B

It’s that time of the episode featuring a quick slideshow of failed auditions. This time, we see Angeline Paylado sucking the melody and rhythm out of the famous Beatles classic, “Come Together“. It sounded like a highly-intoxicated woman abusing the karaoke machine in the wee hours of the night. Gasp! Next is Abigail Alamo sucking the life out of Julianne’s “Tulak Ng Bibig“. I mean, it’s mostly in tune, but the snippet is enough to tell me that girl lacked any hint of swagger-y flava.

Lecelle Trinidad, 17.
Jazmin Sullivan’s “Bust Your Windows

She was only six years old when his brother taught her how to sing. Since then, she’s been joining several singing competitions and talent searches. Her dad has emphysema. Just this year, her parents got separated. She says it burns her fire to achieve her dreams. She wants to win The Voice because she feels this can change her life. Ooh, nice choice with the Jazmin Sullivan hit. It’s definitely in her range and somewhat fits her powerful voice that hints a bit of R&B. She’s making great choices within the song. It doesn’t sound forced. She’s really feeling it and gives a punch in the right spots. I’m digging this one. Very nice. Lea thinks about it and finally pushes her button. Now she’s excited. This one’s pretty good. She puts the right amount of vibrato in her phrases. Sarah pushes her button at the last few notes. It’s Sarah vs. Lea. Bamboo asks the questions and quickly turns her over to the battling coaches. Apl says she looks beautiful and feels she fell short. Lea says there’s nothing to be criticized with her voice. It’s clean and powerful, she says. But the only problem she pointed out was her pronunciation and some people agreed they didn’t understand what she’s singing. I didn’t notice it when I first heard the audition, but looking back, she did have a weird enunciation of certain words like ‘bust‘, ‘little bit‘, ‘saw it‘  and ‘strength‘. But I still understood what she’s singing. I guess I just really know the song. Lea says it’s something that “[she] can help [her] with and [she’s] good at it”. Sarah finds it amazing that she’s just 17 and she already have a powerful and controlled “tool”. Her runs were great, she says. Lea sneaks in a quick quip “gaganda ang English mo sa’kin”. Nice one Lea. Oh. Another excessive gap. The crowd is cheering Lea’s name but somehow, she chooses Sarah as her coach, much to the latter’s disbelief. She says she’s been a big fan of the Popstar ever since she was a kid. Great addition to #TeamSarah! The right song choices might just be her key to sneaking in behind front-runners. || GRADE: B+

Jordan Francoise Gaddi Castillo Jr, 19.
 John Legend’s “Ordinary People

He is currently working in the Distribution and Circulation department of a publishing company. He sees The Voice as an opportunity to sing in front of thousands, which is one of his dreams. He will leave a mark, he says. Let’s find out if it’s a good stamp or a horrible stain. He’s attempting the John Legend classic and he begins with a lot of promise. He has quite the unique tone. But as the song progressed, this promise was soon broken. It feels like the song is not quite the perfect suit for his voice. Or is it the other way around? Nevertheless, the performance has quickly gone from interestingly good to horrendously flat and sharp. It’s either he can’t properly land the notes or he can’t reach his register. This isn’t going anywhere good. He has weak breath control too. Unsurprisingly, none of the coaches turned around. Apl tells him he should keep pursuing his dream being very young. Lea says he sounds a lot like John Legend. Really? A John Legend sound? How and why Ms. Lea even thought of comparing apples and rotten oranges is beyond me. I’m flipping out (in a really bad way), so I have to stop right now. I can’t take any more of this ridiculousness. Next artist please! || GRADE: D+

Penelope Matanguihan, 21. 
Beyoncé’s “Love On Top

She’s a fresh graduate. V-reporter Robi visits her family’s store to personally her to the Blinds. She’s freaking out. She joined The Voice for her parents. Uh-oh. Another girl attempts the Beyonce song. Well, the other artist who sang this made it through, so maybe she’ll be as lucky. There’s something different in her voice. It somewhat sounds like a mixture of jazzy inflections and a quirky tone. Something like that, which is actually good thing. That’s one thing I like about this. Oops, she messes up a few lyrics. Stars? Nears? Fortunately, she’s still in tune. Mostly. Apl pushes his button. She barely hits the high note before the chorus. She’s already there, but not quite. Nonetheless, it still made Lea and Sarah push their buttons. Ouch. That failed falsetto hurt. She still misses a lot of notes. She’s having a hard time hitting the notes in the higher register. At times, it almost sounds strained. But hey. She made three turn, so that must mean a good thing. For the coaches at least. Bamboo repeats the same thing he says when he doesn’t push his button and quickly turns Penelope over to the other coaches. Say something different for once, Bamboo. Something constructive. Something useful. Anyway, Sarah says she didn’t hear Beyoncé in her performance. She has a unique tone, she says. Okay, I agree. She hits high notes effortlessly, she says. Now I disagree. Apl says “[he] just can’t get enough” and says he wanted more. Wait. Isn’t that the thing he always says whenever he doesn’t turn for an artist? Hmm. “Great energy, great musicality, [her] voice is clear”, Apl continues. Lea says there’s only little things he can work on with her since she already has it all — musicality, emotion, precision. Big words. Lea wants her big time. But she chooses to go with #TeamApl. She’s okay. She’s still better than most of Apl’s artists, so she might stand a chance at the live rounds. || GRADE: B-

Japs Mendoza, 16.
Bamboo’s “Truth

He stopped studying to give way to his sister. His dad is in the US. His parents are separated, dad’s fault. His mom is a cancer survivor and is currently working in Italy. He wants to help his mom and The Voice might just be the avenue for that. He’s a fan of coach Bamboo, and he’s going to sing one of his songs. He sings it so much like Bamboo. And I can’t get behind that. Get some artistry, man. Find your own voice. Sing it like it’s your song. He almost sounds like Bamboo who lost all his grasp on pitch and his aggressive tone. But Lea pushes his button anyway. Why? Ouch. The flatness of this performance is numbing. He sucked the remaining melody out of this great song. All throughout, he sings the song under the melody that it almost feels like the notes have been steamrolled and have gone awry. I can already feel Lea’s regret in pushing her button. And I would too, if I inexplicably push my button after hearing that kind of vocal performance. He’s part of #TeamLea. But he seems not too excited about it. He wants Bamboo, I guess. But hey, man. Be grateful you even made a coach turn a chair for you. That would have been an impossible feat for someone who just made a mess on stage. Apl says the beginning was okay for him but he kind of lost it by the time hit chorus. Sarah points out the semblance with Bamboo’s voice. He does not “shoot” the notes that well, she adds. Bamboo points out the very noticeable flats in the performance. Lea heard something special in his voice. She says it’s something moldable. She also points out the wobbles in his vocals (thank God). A little jamming session is happening with him and Bamboo. Same song, a little bit better, but I still won’t turn my comfy swivel chair for him. || GRADE: C-

And that ends Week 5 of the Blind Auditions. This phase all ends next week! We only have seven more slots to fill (or is it actually SPOILER ALERT?) There weren’t real standouts tonight (comparing it with the previous artists we’ve seen). Lecelle Trinidad is one of the better vocalists we found tonight. She needs to keep selecting these sophisticated and well-thought out song choices in order to stay in the game. She might turn out to be one of the surprises this season. Maybe. Talia Reyes is just one out of the many arrangement-bending artists in Team Bamboo. She may have a hard time overtaking Myk Perez and Lee Grane considering the buzz that these two have created in the past weeks. She will most probably go against Lee or Myk in the Battle Rounds and she has the most chance of winning if she battles with the latter. Penelope Matanguihan needs to keep it young. The Top 40 songbook is his friend if ever she makes it through the Live Shows, which is probable if she goes againsts one of Team Apl’s cannon fodders, which are a lot. She can easily take down any of the guys (except Thor) even the duo Lorenzana Siblings, in the Battle Rounds.

Here’s where the team stands so far:

#TeamBamboo: 11
#TeamSarah: 9
#TeamLea: 11
#TeamApl: 10


How was tonight’s Blind Auditions? Any favorites added to your own little team? Is Lecelle Trinidad a potential dark horse? What was that spoiler I hinted above? Let’s discuss in the comments section below! And don’t forget to vote in the polls, also found below!

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