The Voice PH SPOILERS – The Blind Auditions Twist, Triangle Fights + More Details On The Battle Rounds!


The Blind Auditions of The Voice of the Philippines is coming to a close, and along with that is the arrival of the next phase of the competition — the Battle Rounds, where each coach pairs members of his or her team to try and out-sing one another, then select one winner from the battle pairing. Exactly a week ago, I shared with you a quick look at the Battle Rounds set and the names of each team’s advisors. Tonight, I will be revealing the big twist in the Blind Auditions plus some major deets from the recently finished taping of the Battles courtesy of our trusty source, byxspeaks.


The Blind Twist!

There are only two more episodes left of the Blind Auditions, but the surprises are from over. If you are a close follower of Twitter user byxspeaks, you will remember him tweeting about Team Sarah having 13 members. A few people speculated that Sarah grabbed a duo in the Blind Auditions, but after Byx cleared up that the duo is considered as one member, yours truly thought there is only one way to explain it: the producers increased the number of slots in each team. From 12 slots per team, the coaches need to fill up 13 slots!

This twist will most probably be revealed on Episode 12, the last day of the Blind Auditions airing on July 20. This new information — the 13 slots per team — brings us to another twist in the Battle Rounds: the Triangle Fight. Read more about it below.

Let The Battles Begin!

The two-day taping for the Battle Rounds commenced inside Studio 10 of the ABS-CBN building on July 9-10.

    ETA: Observing the progress of the show, there may no longer be a “Road To The Battles” episode. Instead, two more Blind Auditions episode may be aired.

    • The Battle Rounds will start airing on July 28, Sunday. That means two more Blind Auditions episodes and on the 27th, Saturday, an episode called “Road To The Battles“. This has been confirmed by a tweet from one of the coaches, Lea Salonga.

  • The Voice of the Philippines will feature a twist in the Battle Rounds — the Triangle Fight, which has been done in The Voice of Holland. This is directly connected with the Blind Auditions twist I revealed earlier.
  • Each team will have 5 regular battle pairings and 1 triangle fight, which is, in a nutshell, three artists battling against each other, instead of two. That means there will be 4 triangle fights for the first season of The Voice PH — one from Team Bamboo, one from Team Sarah, one from Team Lea and the other one from Team Apl.
  • Unlike The Voice of Holland, there will only be one winner in these triangle fights.
  • Byxspeaks has revealed that Deb Victa, Angelique Alcantara and Nicole Parada battled in the triangle fight from Team Bamboo.


That’s all for all the The Voice PH spoilers. This page will be updated once more information about the Battle Rounds are leaked. For now, bookmark this page and check back later for more news.

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    • The Fanart Factory
    • July 16th, 2013

    But…why? I hope this turns out to be interesting to watch kasi….nawiweirdohan ako. haha.

    • Try watching one of The Voice of Holland’s triangle fights. I will update the post with a video in a jiffy, so stay tuned.

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