The Voice PH – 1×11 – Blind Auditions Part 11 Recap Plus VIDEOS


It’s the last week of the Blind Auditions (at last!) and the teams are near completion! Will there be any last minute stand-outs? Will they announce the twist in the Blinds tonight? Let’s find out!

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Nicole Angela Judalena, 22.
Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning

She was a previous child star. She wanted to break-through as a singer but never got the opportunity. She says music is truly her passion. She’s singing a different version of the Maroon 5 hit. Hmm. Didn’t someone from last week just attempted that? And that artist made it through. Will she be as lucky? A few seconds into the song and I already know where this is going (hint: it’s on the edge of over-embellishing and the corner of flats and sharps) Ouch. She’s over styling it — to the point where it feels so forced and all the artistic (if it is) choices were shoved down our throats. It’s a good song but not the right song for him. It doesn’t have quite the same impact as Talia Reyes‘ cover. She still turning into lots of bum notes. It doesn’t feel right. Of course, none of the coaches turned. Bamboo said he didn’t feel the connection with her voice and the song. Sarah says she has her own style and that she almost pushed her button for her. Apl says he’s almost there too. Lea feels it’s a good song but it didn’t quite speak to her. She was waiting for something but she can’t put her finger on it. Let me help you point to the right spot, Ms. Lea. It’s the pitch. You’re waiting for her to get on the right track and get hold of her pitch. Now that’s the hard truth. || GRADE: C-

Maki Ricafort, 34.
Steve Perry’s “Foolish Heart

He’s a former member of the famous Filipino band, “SouthBorder“. He plays instrument for a few artists in the Philippines, but says he wants to be a solo artist — a vocalist for that matter. He wants to help his family. Woah. Gravelly voice — just the right amount of gruff. Nice. He’s doing the Steve Perry version. He sounds effortless plus he seldom veers off-pitch, and that’s the kind of gritty vocals that I like. He also has this hint of soulfulness in his voice, which is nice. Ooh, that powerful run is good. Sarah thinks about it and finally pushes her button at the last few seconds. She’s the only one to do so, therefore, he’s in #TeamSarah now. Lea recognizes him. He’s Lea’s keyboardist in a few events, apparently. Apl wants more emotion. Lea feels he’s pushing it too much. Really? I found it was very laid-back actually, except for that brief moment where he kind of soared. But I still don’t think he overshot the song. Sarah says she’s young and (with the age difference), they can learn lots of stuff (music stuff, I hope) from each other. Pretty good addition in Sarah’s team. || GRADE: B

Duo: Charlene and Charmaine Albino, 18.
Yeng Constantino’s “Salamat

All duos who auditioned have made it through. Will they be the third one in the competition? (BTW, as an aside, they really should start crafting their duo names beforehand. Methinks none of them, so far, have really been a pair in their music careers, which makes them sound like two ordinary people dueting for fun.). And this audition pretty much highlights the non-duo-ness of these acts trying out for The Voice PH. The “duo” (air quotes emphasized) this time are actually twins. They were part of a quartet called Miles, and have had a few television stints. They also joined K-Pop Star Hunt, where they reached Top 11. Now, enough of that, let’s get into the performance. Ooh, Charmaine or Charlene (whatever) has difficulty reaching the notes in the lower register. A few more seconds into the song and you can feel that the song is pitched too low for them. Their harmonies sound like unchained melodies. And no, I don’t mean the Righteous Brothers song. What I mean is that their harmonies aren’t connecting at all. They’re like two people recording from separate rooms, mixing the two recordings right after, then boom! Any hint of harmony or melody is lost in thin air. They’re trying to impress the coaches by exploding into their high notes but it only brought the worse to worst. Ouch. That over there sounded too sharp. None of the coaches turned. Bamboo pretty much says what I thought of the performance. Apl agrees too. Lea says she can feel the struggle as the song went up. Sarah talks about the message of the song and how it was overpowered by the duo’s performance. || GRADE: D+

Jessica Corpus, 18.
Sharon Cuneta’s “Sana’y Wala Ng Bukas

She’s a singing-dining attendant, basically a waitress who sings. She says her job not only helped her financially, but also helped her develop her singing ability. Let’s see if it really did help. Hmm. Classic OPM hit. She doesn’t sound bad, but she sounds too old for her age. She’s not doing anything new with arrangement, which is problematic since we’ve heard this song a million times in singing competitions. Nothing new. Nothing fresh. And that’s something very odd with a girl as young as her. All this is not to say she doesn’t have a great voice. She actually has quite the powerful vocals and she doesn’t hit too many wobbles along the way. But I still find her too old-fashioned. Not just because the song is old, but because her delivery is old. Apl pushes his button anyway. And so does Bamboo! Alrighty. She tells them she’s from Tarlac and that gives Apl a bit of a leverage via the hometown card. But he doesn’t stop there. He offers her a drive with a mix-tape of all his favorite tracks. Lea says she over-enunciates the song. Sarah feels she has great potential and the quality is already there. She only needs a little bit of polishing, she says. Bamboo admits that what he does is different from what she’s doing but he says he found something special in her voice. but he’s fighting a lost war as Jessica picks Apl as her coach. Not too shabby addition to #TeamApl! Here’s to hoping she stays away from old ballads from now on and sell herself as a young artist that she is. || GRADE: B

Keane Endeza, 24.
Bee Gees’ “I Started A Joke

Oh hello, Silhoeutte McCrap. I’ve said everything I want to say about you (see previous recaps), so I’ll spare you of my rants. This next artist works in her father’s janitorial agency. Nope, not as a janitor. Job from the office. Paper works, he says. He joined a singing competition where he met a producer and released his album, but it was not quite the success. He sees The Voice as his second chance. A Bee Gees song? Really? He’s injecting too much vibrato. Too much on that extended note that I was already shouting “Enough! No more!” ala Julie Anne San Jose. He has not much of a problem hitting those high notes but I still can’t get behind this audition. Maybe it’s Bee Gees, maybe the overdose in vibrato. I don’t know. Oopsie daisy. He missed that key change. That hurt. And he goes on with the rest of the song derailed, losing all hopes of a chair turn. Sarah says he fits in “Broadway”. A little bit. He says he can also sing standards and a classic standard he sang. Uhm. To keep it short, I wouldn’t have turned for that either. Lea talks of song choice and its utter importance, says the first song didn’t move her while the other song did. She also touched on how heavy the vibrato was in his audition piece. Whew. I thought I was the only who noticed. || GRADE: C+

Klarisse de Guzman, 21.
Julianne’s “Tulak Ng Bibig

She joined Star For A Night, a singing competition where coach Sarah won and jumpstarted her career. She hopes The Voice will be the highway to her dreams. What?!! This song… AGAIN?! If I flailed my arms strongly in protest of the previous artist’s vibrato overkill, this time, I held up a sign that says “J’ENOUGH!” the minute I heard of the song choice. If I remember correctly, this is already the third time this song was sang in the Blinds. I am crossing my fingers that this repetitiveness in song choice won’t drag its feet towards the Live Shows. Just imagine five out of twelve artists singing “I Will Always Love You”, “Stand Up For Love” and/or other tired setlist from the dated songbook. But anyway, back to the performance proper. My annoyance is lifted as I hear her unique tone. It doesn’t sound forcefully inflected compared with one particular performance of the same song. It’s very contained and doesn’t steer haphazardly that it falls off the track. She injects just enough growl here in there and in the right spots too. Nice falsetto at the end. I like this one. Wow, a four chair turn. Didn’t really expect it but here it is. Sarah recognizes her as the discussion veered into her ‘Star For A Night‘ stint. Lea says she sounds professional and likes her tone and admits they may not be the right fit. Apl wants her in his team. That’s all he has? Sarah brings up the SFAN history again, but this time, Bamboo interrupts her and wittingly jokes, “That’s cheating.” But Sarah snarks back. Now she’s pissed. Nice! Let the battle begin. Lea sits on the stage (complete with a brand-blurred chips) to watch the bloody fight. Sarah calls concert king Martin Nievera and consumed most the airtime. But the gist of the whole stunt is Martin saying Sarah is the right coach to go with. Apl tries pulling out the “International card” again and trued to call fellow BEP member but is sent to voice mail. BURN! That hurt a lot Apl. It’s a no-brainer where Klarisse will go. But it had to be separated with an excessive gap before she confirmed choosing Sarah as her coach. What a fine addition to #TeamSarah. I believe the same artist who sang this same song belonged to this team as well. Will they be one of the battle pairings in the Battle Rounds? It’s likely and Klarisse has the clear upper-hand. || GRADE: B+

Raymund John “RJ” dela Fuente, 27.
Oleta Adams’ “Get Here

He worked as a bank teller in California and now he’s trying out for The Voice. He moved to the Philippines by himself. V-reporter Robi personally invites him to the Blind Auditions. He’s pretty excited. He says he wants his music to touch the heart and soul. Let’s see if he can do just that. Hmm. He’s one of those ‘not-bad-but-not-entirely-great-either type of artists. His voice is too middle of the road. He doesn’t hit a lot of bum notes, but he also doesn’t have enough moments within the song. Very safe is one way to put it. He’s finished and I didn’t even notice it. He’s fairly good, and Lea has him for herself. Another default #TeamLea member. Her team is complete! Or is it? Apl congratulates him for making it Lea’s team. Sarah says she was late in pushing her button. Bamboo pretty much blabs the same thing. Lea says aside from the voice, she also felt the “emotional connection” that he had with the song. She’s happy she’s in her team and thinks he may win the entire “she-bang”. Um. How about ‘I don’t think so’? || GRADE: B-

And that ends the eleventh (a lot!) night of the Blind Auditions. We have two more episodes to go before the Battle Rounds began (finally!). It’s been a long time coming. Klarisse de Guzman turned a few heads even before she sang, being a former rival to one of the coaches. She has an interesting tone and I wonder what Sarah can do with it. Like I said, she may go against Gab Ramos, who sang the same song in the Blind Auditions Part 5. If she does, she has the bigger chance of moving on to the live shows. Once the voting rounds start, song choice will do her in or keep her dream alive. She needs pick her songs carefully. Jessica Corpuz is not entirely cannon fodder. She’s better than half of the finalists and will most probably make it to the live shows. She needs to get the hell out of the old-fashioned songbook and keep herself bathed in youthfulness. Be young. Sing young. That’s what she needs to remind herself in order to stay relevant in the competition.

We also saw in the next episode preview the hint of the Blind Auditions twist which may be revealed tomorrow. If you want to know the twist now, read the article about it, the reason behind it PLUS more information on the Battles.
Here’s where the teams stand so far:

#TeamBamboo: 11
#TeamSarah: 11
#TeamLea: 12
#TeamApl: 11

BA11 Team Bamboo

BA11 Team Sarah

BA11 Team Lea

BA11 Team Apl


How do you feel about tonight’s Blind Auditions? Is your own little team filling up? Is Klarisse de Guzman that big of a threat to the Voice PH trophy? Sound off in the comments section below and let me know what’s your favorite performance tonight in the polls, also down below!


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    • The Fanart Factory
    • July 21st, 2013

    Nicole. She used to sing with Julie Anne San Jose back in SOP. They always had spot numbers singing, sometime while playing the guitar. I think there are also youtube recordings of them jamming together. Nice. Sayang nobody turned. It wasn’t a spectacular audition pero I still think it would’ve merited at least one chair turn.

    It’s interesting how all the duos so far that has auditioned e blood-related (siblings, father/son). I was surprised that the Albino Twins (yeah, I’m calling them that) weren’t harmonizing very well cause usually pag magkapatid and all, parang second nature/effortless na rin ang dating but this was quite painful to hear. I like that you pointed out na these duos just paired up for the sake of this audition kaya it shows esp sa case na ‘to. (unlike say The Swon Bros, or the Morgan Twins sa The Voice US, you can tell na they’ve been singing together na for quite some time) Oh well.

    Waiting for your reviews on the others para makapag-comment pa ako 🙂 hihi 🙂

    • I didn’t know Nicole. Haha! Well, there were artists who were far weaker than she is, so it’s quite disappointing if you think of it.

      About the duos in The Voice PH, I haven’t really seen a pair like Midas Whale (I still think they’re the better duo that season. LOL!) A duo who REALLY sounds like a duo — tight harmonies and complementing vocals. But yeah, even with The Swon Brothers or The Morgan Twins, the duos here so far all pale in comparison.

        • The Fanart Factory
        • July 21st, 2013

        Try checking out old vids of Julie in SOP, especially the latter episodes, andun si Nicole 🙂

        Oh and yeah, I somehow always remember Sir Lord na parang…if a chair turned for him, a chair should turn for this singer as well. Ganun. Hehe. Ewan ko ba. Kawawa naman si Sir Lord sa utak ko. Hehe.

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