The Voice PH – 1×12 – Blind Auditions Part 12 Recap Plus VIDEOS


This is the 12th night of the Blind Auditions and Team Lea has already completed her team of twelve artists. But we’re in for a twist tonight. What could it be?

The obligatory quick slideshow of failed auditions was non-existent last night, but it was in full swing early on tonight. Here’s Chivas Miranda, a former Pinoy Dream Academy finalist, singing an overly growly and shouty rendition of “Honestly“. Rough. It was honestly a disaster and to be honest, he didn’t really stand out way back in his PDA stint. I’m way too honest, sorry.

Aia de Leon, 35.
Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel

She’s the ex-Imago vocalist who is currently a freelance musician and songwriter. Oh hello there Silhouette McCrap! You’re early tonight. As if we don’t know who’s behind that dull blackness. She misses her band but says it also made her a better artist. At least that’s what I figured she was trying to say. She says she’ll pick Lea as her coach (if ever she’s able to turn some chairs). Ooh, MJ! She has a good voice but she’s doing some weird phrasing. It’s like the notes are getting stuck in her larynx and she’s having a hard time pulling them out. It’s intentional, I know, but still, it doesn’t sound pleasant, for me at least. I’ve heard better vocals from her. I’m not leaning towards a wrong choice of song because she actually picked a good song, but more like a wrong arrangement. A slower acoustic vibe would have fit her voice better. Lea recognizes her instantly and wonders why she joined The Voice. She says she wants to break out of her comfort zone which is being in a band, and try a solo career. Sarah says she admires the courage and liked how she sang the song, but there were certain parts, she points out, that she seems behind the beat. Bamboo says it was purposeful — the way she pulled the notes and said he liked it. He feels bad. Well, being colleague, that must have been a blow. I understand the feeling. Apl liked the originality and commends her “stepping out of her shell.” || GRADE: C+

Here’s another showing of the quick slideshow of failed auditions. Take a look at Micah Nepomuceno showing off her quirky tone with the classic “The Way You Look Tonight“, which isn’t entirely bad but the off-key moments might have done her in. Regine Saga‘s raw vocals is highlighted when she sang Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature“. There’s something really great in there beneath the flats and the lack of emotion. I can hear the possibilities in her voice if fully developed and polished.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the first time I’ve been nice to these poor souls getting a brief 10 seconds of fame. Here’s to hoping they continue to hone their voice and come back stronger, these two most especially.

Denise Sagun, 34.
Jewel’s “You Were Meant For Me

She’s an arts teacher in an international school in Subic. V-reporter Robi, personally invites her to the Blind Auditions. She’s going to sing Jewel’s You Were Meant For me, she says. Hmm. Interesting song choice. “Love can wait”, she shares, and says she wants to prioritize her dream, which is to be the first Voice PH champ. Let’s see if she has the chops to do just that. Quirky tone. Even with a few flats she hit along the line, her voice still has this crisp reminiscent of a freshly baked, straight-out-of-the-oven croissants. Bamboo pushes his button. Her voice gets a little bit thin in certain spots and when she goes up, which may pose as a problem in the long-run. Bamboo tries to sway Sarah away from her button. And he successfully did as only Bamboo turned his chair, thus making Bamboo’s team of twelve complete. Another fine looking lady is added to #TeamBamboo! I knew it. Bamboo does have an extra pair of eyes on his back. His affinity to many good-looking lass is extremely suspicious. What with about half of his team composed of PYTs? That’s gotta mean something! Hmm. Is she flirting with Bamboo? She’s…. very excited. I’m a little bit iffy with her overly bubbly personality. While she could be fun to watch, at times she has this tendency to come off a little bit cocky. She may need to tone it down a bit. Apl says the performance fell short, AGAIN. Lea heard a lot of Jewel in the performance. She was waiting to hear her real voice. Alrighty. Sarah loves the song and says she almost pushed her button but decided to give her freely to Bamboo, who says he liked her “personality and fire”. Well, here’s me saying “too much fire extinguishes.” || GRADE: B-

Jessica Reynoso, 16.
Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’

Silhouette McCrap is in full display tonight! They’re really pushing this garbage concept. Anyway, let’s not give focus on the unnecessaries. Jessica is an adoptive child. She says she never met her biological parents. She wants to win The Voice and give back to his foster parents, especially his dad. Plain and simple, not a sighting of drama — just how I like it. The first piano riff had me thinking she’s about to sing “My Funny Valentine”. But hell to the no, it made yell “Woah!” Holy guacamole! That was some enormous vocals right there! Even Lea was taken aback. Wow! Even the runs are amazingly controlled. Even in the darkness (thanks to the crazy idea of messing with the lighting just for Silhouette McCrap), you can clearly see her performing passionately. The vibrato she injects are tasteful and not-at-all overdone. What are these coaches waiting for? This is an easy button push moment! A few more nailed high notes found Lea pushing her button. Thank God. I thought the judges are losing it! Oops, a little mess up over there, but she started out so strong that the minor screw-up felt like an ant in a sea of people. What? C’mon coaches. This doesn’t deserve just a one-chair turn. You’re passing up on a powerful vocalist. Thankfully, Apl and Sarah comes to their senses and pushes their buttons. Sarah says she was stunned. Yeah, she was stunned for too long. Jessica shares that her story and says she knows her father is African-American, but she haven’t met him yet. Lea says she knows a somewhat similar story (hinting at Apl’s life). The coaches were shocked when she said she’s 16. Bamboo apologizes (that he didn’t f*cking turn around) and says she’s beautiful. Apl says her singing made him float and continued by relating his life to her. He really wants her in his team. Lea says she picked a great song and that she has an “older soul” inside her. After telling Lea and Sarah some words of flattery (we know where this is going), she says she wants Apl too as her coach. Another powerful vocalist for #TeamApl that completes his team of twelve artists. There are two Jessicas now in his team. Will it be Jessica vs. Jessica in the Battle Rounds? || GRADE: A-

Kim Mainit, 16.
Jessie J’s “Nobody’s Perfect

He’s a fresh high school graduate. He started even as a kid. He would sing in his aunt’s karaoke booth and get paid for it. The Voice is his first major gig and he wants to prove something to his family — former family to be more specific as he shares that he’s also an adoptive child, like our previous artist. Woah, brave song choice. That is very difficult to sing. He has a high-pitched speaking and singing voice. It almost sounds like a female vocals. He has a fairly good voice but he hits a lot of bum notes here and there. Flats, mostly. Lea pushes her button anyway. Oops! He messes up even more. He’s having a hard time reaching the high notes. Ooh, he did a good job with the signature “Jessie-J-scat” but then fails miserably the second he attempted to do the run at then end which brought him back to the edge of flatness. Being the only coach to turn, Lea’s team of 13 artists is finally complete. #TeamLea is now full. Sarah thought he was a girl — what with the high-pitched singing and speaking voice, who would not be fooled? Lea asks him what song he usually sings, to which he replied “Rita Ora and Jessie J”. As requested, he sang an Ora song called “R.I.P”, and he killed it (in a bad way). I mean, the second song didn’t really do him any favors. Instead, it highlighted how weak his runs can be. “Lintek!”, Sarah exclaims, seemingly regretful of not turning her chair. Apl relates his life story. AGAIN. Lea says she can clearly hear what he was singing. She admitted there rough spots, but says it’s a “correctable thing”. Lea is very happy. || GRADE: B

More failed auditions is coming our way. Here’s Mavie Lozano forcing a gravelly tone out of himself that he’s already hitting lots of flats as he attempts to rock out Incubus’ “Drive“. He even attempts scatting which felt more like a lost lyric in his mouth than real jazzy-goodness kind of scat. Next is Florie Mae Cruz who’s desperately ripping off Jessie J‘s cover of “We Found Love by Rihanna. Start watching the Jessie J cover at mark 2:17 and you’ll know what I mean. Originality? Not so much, I’d say.

Dan Billano, 36.
Maroon 5’s “This Love

The official Voice PH website lists him as Carlson Billano, but the name flashed on the screen is Dan Billano. Which is which? Which one will you use? Better be consistent, at least with the name you’re using. But anyway, he’s in a band, as a vocalist. He originally auditioned as a guitarist but turns out the band was looking for a vocalist that time. He wants to become a recording artist. He wishes Bamboo to turn around for him. Typical. He’s singing a Maroon 5 song in a way that sounds like the words have a hard time escaping his mouth. The way he enunciates the words is highly distracting and loses the angst that the song requires. He loses grip on pitch several times within the song. It’s pretty inconsistent, much like his name. He also has that weird vibrato at the end of his phrases, and I’m not certain as to whether it’s purposeful or not. But all is well for him as Bamboo pushes his button, and the only one to do so making him the 13th member in #TeamBamboo! Lea says she liked that he did a different approach to the song compared with the original. Sarah says his voice was very “manly”. Apl asks him if he has been brokenhearted before, and adds that he needs to apply those experiences in his performances. Bamboo admits it was shaky in certain spots but says he’ll help him with that. Let’s hope so. || GRADE: B-

And that ends the 12th night of the Blind Auditions! There were a few standouts tonight. Denise Sagun has a somewhat unique and crisp tone in her voice. She has quite a big personality — a percentage of people may think of it as a bubbly persona but there’s also a portion who sees it as being overly confident that borders on cockiness. And that isn’t a very attractive image to have early on in the competition. Jessica Reynoso made a striking and powerful entrance. She made quite the stir in the entire battleground with her strong performance of Alicia Keys’ monster of a song. She made a few mess-ups within the song, but if she can work on these, she will go a long way in the competition. She needs to stick with her R&B/Soul roots in order to clearly establish who she is as an artist. Kim Mainit was a surprise mainly because of his high-pitched voice, but listening carefully to his performance will point you to the many faults in his voice — pitch problems and control over his runs. If he happens to make it through to the live rounds, he can’t keep singing Jessie J and Rita Ora songs all the time. He needs to find songs that is within his range, songs that will let his voice soar without sounding too strained.

I would also like to take this time to rant about the editing of tonight’s episode, which is also connected with Saturday night’s Blinds. I mean, what are these editors and The-Powers-That-Be thinking? The episode was confusing through and through. Yes, we understand there is a twist — the 13 member per team. But what’s faulty is the way they presented it. It’s beyond anti-climactic. It almost feels like they weren’t sure whether to have this 13 slots for all of the teams at all.

The most disturbing thing here is the looseness on the rules. How come a coach can still turn her chair if her team is already full? Now, you might say it’s just that the order of presenting the auditions were jumbled and we’re seeing a not-yet-full coach turning around when it’s already presented to us that she’s already full. But that seems not to be the case. Remember Klarisse de Guzman‘s audition? Remember how it’s a four-chair turn yet Lea says “choose among the three coaches“. Why? Did she concede that easily? No. Apparently, her team is already full by that time. Can you now see the fault in that? Coaches who have already completed their teams — whether it’s 13 or 12 or whatever — SHOULD NOT be allowed to turn their chairs. Consequently, the red button should be deactivated so as to avoid making the coaches turn their chair if ever the coaches try to push their button. That’s a basic The Voice rule that should have been executed so easily. But they failed to do so.

I’m pretty sure I am not the only person who have noticed the glaring errors. I’m hoping next season (if there’s any) will see an improvement in this area.
At the end of Week 6, here’s where the teams stand:

#TeamBamboo: 13
#TeamSarah: 11
#TeamLea: 13
#TeamApl: 12

BA12 Team Bamboo

BA12 Team Sarah

BA12 Team Lea

BA12 Team Apl


What do you guys think of tonight’s set of artists? What’s your opinion on the “glaring errors” in tonight’s episode (feel free to rant). Is Jessica Reynoso a worthy threat to her team member Janice Javier? Are you itching for some Battles? Let’s discuss in the comments sections below and don’t forget to take the polls below!



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