The Voice PH – 1×13 – Blind Auditions Part 13 Recap Plus VIDEOS

Blinds13Rouxette Swinton, Dave Lamar and Emmanuelle Vera try out for The Voice PH

The Blind Auditions is finally coming to a close. With only three slots left to fill, will there be any last minute stand-outs? Let’s find out right now.

Toni tries to justify the sudden need for a 13th member for each team by telling us several Voice franchises have done the same thing. Okay, we get that, but let’s be honest. The real issue here is the editing. The editor’s lousy job caused the viewer’s understandable confusion.

Rouxette Swinton, 16. Taylor Swift’s “Safe And Sound

She learned singing through her father who’s in a band. Her parents are separated since she was four. Her mom ran out on them. Two years later, they find out her mother is in Japan. She didn’t take it well. She joined The Voice to prove that even as a teenager, she’s a talented singer. Hmm. She has an interesting tone. Really breathy, which is okay. Decent job on that run. I like how vulnerable her voice gets when she gets to her falsettos. It’s painting a shade of innocence in the performance, which is really quite appropriate. Sarah pushes her button. It gets rough after that. She begins hitting flats. Her voice became a little shaky. Excitement I guess. Anyway, it lowered her letter grade for me. But that doesn’t matter now as she belongs to #TeamSarah now. Sarah says there’s “warmth” in her voice even if it’s thin. Her vocals is “sweet” and “velvety”, she further says. Bamboo congratulates her and says he almost hit the button. Apl enjoyed the performance. Lea says it’s not what she’s looking for. || GRADE: B

Emmanuelle Vera, 18.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz

She’s a co-star of coach Sarah in the musical TV series, Idol. She also had an album. She took a break from her career and finished studying. She likes the concept of The Voice and how it “levels the playing field”. She says it challenges her to bring out the best out of her vocals. I like how she changes up the song. I like some of the choices she’s making but it tends to go off-key a few times. I like her tone though. It’s really silky and quirky at the same time. Sometimes it works, but this time, it’s actually quite good. Apl gets off his chair and pushes his button, running around the unpleasant green lights on the floor and holding a placard saying “Can you be mine?”. Yes Apl. She’s all yours. She’s in #TeamApl. Ooh. Those falsettos are gorgeous. Damn. Lea says the “beginning was a little rough” and that her “vibrato seemed a little heavy”. She like the performance, she adds, but it’s not quite what she was looking for. Sarah regrets not pushing her button. Sh’s a big fan, she says, and adds she has a beautiful voice. “Welcome to Team Bamboo”, the Kamp Kawayan coach jokes. He says she was having some issues with control especially in the verses. Apl agrees and tells her that that is exactly why he’s here — to coach her and correct the errors. || GRADE: B

Of course, we have to have that final quick slideshow of failed auditions for this season. The last poor souls getting 10 seconds of airtime are: Mico Cruz attempting to make his soulless and energy-deprived rendition of the Rihanna dance hit, “Please Don’t Stop The Music“; Kate Torres baby-mouthing a whiny version of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story“; and Bryan Aquino trying to make his teeny tiny thin vocals work with Adele’s “Someone Like You“.

Dave Jonathan Lamar, 22.
The Script’s “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

It’s the last artist for the Blind Auditions! His dad is Filipino, and his mom is American. They have an orphanage in his hometown in Quezon. He started singing at an early age. He worked with his brother and had an album, but it wasn’t a success. He originally thought of joining The Voice with his brother as a duo, but his brother refused and wanted him to pursue his own career. Okay, he’s got some really interesting t– oh, Sarah pushes her button. That was fast! Are you sure with this? Okay,  he’s on #TeamSarah then. Okay. Here’s the deal. He has an interesting tone in his voice, he starts out really good but all of that is overshadowed by the many flats and sharps that he’s hitting in the middle through the rest of the song. It’s not as bad as Paolo Onesa’s disaster of a performance, but it’s still bad. Really shaky. And it can get really thin when he gets up there. He hits a couple of good notes here and there. This performance is very inconsistent. Lea says it’s a good song choice but says he’s a better fit with Sarah. Bamboo thinks “[he] got your girl now” and congratulates him on being part of the show. He also points out the errors in some of the choices he made. Apl says he has a great coach. Sarah says she will take care of him, professionally she defends. She admits there were some gray areas in his singing but says the two of them can work those things out. I hope so too. || GRADE: C-

Here’s where the teams stand:

#TeamBamboo: 13
#TeamSarah: 13
#TeamLea: 13
#TeamApl: 13

BA13 Team Bamboo

BA13 Team Sarah

BA13 Team Lea

BA13 Team Apl
The Battle Pairings are up next! I guess.

Toni visits the four teams one at a time and chats with them for a bit, asking who each artists’ biggest threats are. I actually like this part. It shows how the teams are built-up and we get to see some personalities from some of the artists (just a little bit, but hey, that’s better than nothing at all).

Oh, they’re only announcing the first battle pairings from each team. Okay. That works for me as long as they’ll get into the actual Battles tomorrow. They also officially announced the four guest advisers for this season.

  • Arnel Pineda for #TeamApl
  • Gary Valenciano for #TeamSarah
  • Joey Ayala for #TeamBamboo
  • Gerard Salonga for #TeamLea

If you’ve been reading this blog, you will remember that this same list were reported here weeks ago, with the help of a trustworthy source.

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Anyway, let’s move on to tonight’s real highlight. Here are the official first four pairs that will battle one another:

  • TEAM APL: Stan Perfecto VS. Lorenzana Siblings – Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered
  • TEAM SARAH: Morissette Amon VS. Lecelle Trinidad – Barbra Streisand and Donna Summers’ “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)
  • TEAM BAMBOO: Lee Grane Maranan VS. Dan Billano – U2’s “One
  • TEAM LEA: Chien Berbana VS. Mitoy Yunting – Heart’s “Alone

And that ends the last leg of the Blind Auditions and some pre-Battles preps. No standouts tonight, so I won’t bother with my usual pieces of advice. Let’s talk about the first four Battle Pairings though and the assigned song.

I feel indifferent with both Stan and Lorenzana Siblings, so I don’t even care who winds up winning, but they were given a fun song, so I’m pretty excited to watch the actual battle. It’s really a toss-up right now. I predicted that Morisette and Lecelle will be battling each other and now that they are confirmed to be the battle pairing, it’s pretty hard to declare a clear winner as of yet, but I’m predicting Sarah will stick with Morissette. They were handed a fitting song, and this could be just a great battle. Dan has the upper-hand over Lee Grane, song-wise. But in terms of hype and fan base, Lee wins. It will be pretty hard for Bamboo to let go of her. The song fits Dan more than Lee, so if Dan happens to smash Lee over to the head and then Bamboo goes with the latter, it could potentially irk some of the viewers. Publicity! Lastly, Chien vs. Mitoy is also one of the obvious battle pairings I predicted beforehand. They were given a very tired song choice, but with voices like theirs, it could turn out to be an epic battle of some sort. I wish. Basing it solely on their Blind Auditions, I would go with Mitoy. But I want to wait for the actual battle before handing out my final verdict.


So, how happy are you that the Blind Auditions are finally over? Did anyone stand out for you tonight? How do you feel about the first four battle pairings announced tonight? Who do you think will win each battle? Let’s talk in the comments section below, plus, never forget to take the poll, also down below!


  1. Hello, I quite like your recaps since I don;t like watching The Voice on TV, too many ads. Anyhoo… I just have to point out that on a TV show like this, an editor simply follows the instructions of the director or producer. The editor is not the one who shot the singers in silhouette & can’t do a thing about that when he/she puts the show together. You may not like the editing of the show, but the editor is not at fault for this… it’s like being mad at a mall gaurd for the silly policies of the mall. That is all.

    • Maybe. Maybe not. Although the producers do have the final say, these editors have a chief or head who also have a say in the final production. Btw, I’ve also called out the producers several times by the name of “TPTB or The Powers That Be”. They’re also at fault.

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