The Voice PH – 1×15 – Battle Rounds Part 2 Recap Plus VIDEOS


It’s the second night of the Battle Rounds! So far, Lee Grane Maranan, Morissette Amon, Mitoy Yunting, and Stan Perfecto have won the battles they fought.

Since the show has been failing it’s attempt to fill my expectations, I won’t do full recaps anymore. Instead, I’ll write just quick thoughts on the night as a whole, and briefly, on the individual battles.

*Bamboo drew so much fire last week for his decision on keeping Lee Grane. Here’s my take: Yes. Dan was better vocally. But I think Bamboo based his decision on who’s gonna be in the competition for the long haul. I mean, even if Dan won, I don’t see him lasting in this game. On the other hand, the early hype and the fanbase that Lee Grane had will most likely help her once the voting rounds commence. So looking at it strategically, Bamboo made a good call.

*Where is the actual coaching session?!! C’mon! Why do they keep editing it out and continue milking the sob stories of these artists? That’s not what we want to see. They’re called “coaches” and “advisers” for a reason. And that reason is to ACTUALLY coach! They’re not their psychiatrist in a shrink, for Pete’s sake!

*Tonight’s battles weren’t as great as last week, but I think the best battle tonight was from Team Apl — Thor Dulay VS. Sir Lord.


thor vs sir lord
THE PAIR: Thor Dulay VS. Sir Lord Lumibao
THE SONG: Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love To You

THOUGHTS: This is Thor’s battle to lose. I’d like to say mismatch, but I don’t really see Sir Lord going so far. It’s understandable that Apl wants to get rid of the cannon fodders clean and easy. Thor easily wins this round. He has the advantage song-wise plus, he just sounds so much better. Sir Lord tends to be off-key a few times, and he missed that key change after the bridge. Although, I’ll give him props for trying to out-sing the God of Thunder.



diday vs japs
THE PAIR: Japs Mendoza VS. Diday Garcellano
THE SONG: Maroon 5’s “Daylight

THOUGHTS: They’re both meh. The performance is just meh. I don’t know. I actually don’t care who wins this round. But after hearing their performance, I think Diday sounded better and performed better.
WHO WON: Diday


yuki vs kathreen
THE PAIR: Yuki Ito VS. Kathreen Castro
THE SONG: Kuh Ledesma’s “Baliw

THOUGHTS: I don’t remember Kathreen so much. This is pretty much Yuki’s show from the start of the battles. He performed and sang the hell out of the song while Kath shied away and handed out the win to him.



angelique vs nicole vs deb
THE PAIR: Angelique Alcantara VS. Deb Victa VS. Nicole Parada
THE SONG: Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain

THOUGHTS: Even before the battle started, I’m only interested in Angelique. After the battle, my mind hasn’t change. Vocally, it’s not her best, but neither is it with the other two. It all came down to who shined best and it’s Angelique.

WHO WON: Angelique


What do you guys think of tonight’s Battle Pairings? Is the Triangle Fight that exciting? Has anyone replaced your initial Top 3 from each coach (the polls are still open here and on the sidebar on the right)? Let’s discuss in the comments section below! And don’t forget to take tonight’s poll also down below!


P.S. I won’t be able to do a recap right after tomorrow’s episode since I will be leaving for Manila also tomorrow evening. So yes. I will miss the rumored epic battle between Taw Muhammad and Kim Mainit. Sads. Okay. You may vote now.


    • The Fanart Factory
    • August 4th, 2013

    Just finished watching the vids of the battles cause I was stuck in traffic and got home late.

    Ang boring ng pairings tonight. Dear editors of the show, bakit kailangan sama sama sa isang episode yung mga boring battles? Why?

    Basing it on tonight’s battle I’m not a fan of the Triangle Fight thing parang ang gulo lang nila sa stage.

    Thor was the only one worth watching for this episode.

    AGREE on all your ‘Quick Thoughts’ 🙂

    • Yeah. There was no Morissette-Lecelle kind of battle tonight. But don’t fret! A lot of people who watched the Battle Rounds taping say tomorrow’s Taw VS. Kim battle is one to watch.

      Ahh.. Quick thoughts. The show isn’t doing anything to me at all (I blame TPTB and the editors), so I just resorted to this “quick thoughts” thing.

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