The Voice PH – 1×16 – Battle Rounds Part 3 Recap Plus VIDEOS


It’s the 3rd Battle Rounds night and I’m awfully late! I’m really sorry about that. Anyway, going through to the Live Shows are Lee Grane Maranan, Morissette Amon, Mitoy Yunting, Stan Perfecto, Thor Dulay, Diday Garcellano, Yuki Ito and Angelique Alcantara.

* There were no controversial choices on Saturday’s Battle Rounds as each coaches picked the obvious winners. However, the four battles that transpired that fateful night are so lackluster that I won’t really care who wins their respective battles.

* Sunday’s battles were, on the other hand, significantly better than the previous night. Three of the four battles were luster-filled — one of these three could be dubbed the best battle since Morissette vs. Lecelle.

* Is it me or is Bamboo really fond of choosing artists based on “potential”. I mean, this time, he chose Paolo Onesa, who wasn’t significantly better than during his audition, which, by the way, I gave a D. Yes, I can hear a good tone in Onesa’s voice, but it doesn’t really matter if he can’t hold a key. Even more disturbing is how Bamboo dubbed him a “dark horse” in the competition! Man, my hopes for his team has declined by a multitude of notches.

* Still no actual coaching sessions. If that alone TPTB can’t give his viewers, I wonder if the Live Shows can deliver the goods.

* BEST BATTLE TONIGHT: Taw Muhammad VS. Kim Mainit


cordovales vs paolo

THE PAIR: Cordovales Duo VS Paolo Onesa
THE SONG: Apo Hiking Society’s “Panalangin

THOUGHTS: Did anyone else notice how accentuated the younger Cordovales’ singing was? It was awfully distracting. Having said that, I still think the overall performance of the Cordovales duo was superior to that of Paolo Onesa’s, whose voice gets drowned over the louder and better controlled voices of the duo. I mean, sure, kid’s got a good tone, but he’s got weak control over his voice.

WHO WON: Paolo
WHO SHOULD’VE WON: Cordovales Duo


taw vs kim

THE PAIR: Taw Muhammad VS Kim Mainit
THE SONG: Usher’s “Without You

THOUGHTS: The arrangement was inspired by Lea Michele’s version of it on Glee, but this one was slower and less beat-driven and more piano-driven. It was a beautiful arrangement. It was a beautiful battle — the best one since Morissette VS Lecelle. Heck, maybe even, debatably the best battle so far. Taw’s wonderful silky tone is just so amazing, though there were a few moments where she gets a little shaky. Kimpoy has that strong control over his runs although he tends to be a little bit screechy when he reaches his high register. This was a really, really close battle. I may have a hard time choosing as well. But only for preferential reasons and for consistency from the Blinds through the Battles, I’ll go with Taw.


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cara vs moira vs penelope

THE PAIR: Cara Manglapus VS Moira dela Torre VS Penelope Matanguihan
THE SONG: “One Night Only” from the movie Dreamgirls

THOUGHTS: This is Penelope’s battle to lose. The song choice is tailor-made for her to win this battle. And it clearly showed. She has this distinct quality in her voice that separates her from some diva-esque artists who made it through to the live shows. I was glad that Moira didn’t back down although the song was most definitely not in her wheelhouse. She made some bold and interesting song choices. Cara’s jazziness was better highlighted tonight than her Blind Auditions, which is a little weird since her audition piece was more soul/jazz than this. At the end of the battle, the clear winner is still Penelope.

WHO WON: Penelope


junji vs dave

THE PAIR: Junji Arias VS Dave Lamar
THE SONG: Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody

THOUGHTS: Okay, so the first time I heard they were gonna do this song, I was like, “WTF? Good luck with that.” And yes, it showed. It wasn’t a total train-wreck as the two were able to redeem themselves (somehow) with the way they performed the song. It was entertaining (for the eyes, not necessarily the ears). Anyway, I’ll give the win to the one with the less off-key moments — Junji.

WHO WON: Junji

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What do you guys think of tonight’s Battle Rounds? Agree or Disagree: Taw VS Kim is the best battle so far. Has anyone replaced your initial Top 3 from each coach (the polls are still open here or on the sidebar on the right)? Let’s discuss in the comments section below! And don’t forget to take tonight’s poll also down below!



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