The Voice PH – 1×18 – Battle Rounds Part 5 Recap Plus VIDEOS


We’re going into the 5th night of the Blind Auditions! So far, Lee Grane Maranan, Morissette Amon, Mitoy Yunting, Stan Perfecto, Thor Dulay, Diday Garcellano, Yuki Ito, Angelique Alcantara, Paolo Onesa, Kim Mainit, Penelope Matanguihan , Junji Arias, Isa Fabregas, Janice Javier, Darryl Shy, and Eva de los Santos have all made it through to the live shows.

* Why are the entry-to-battle-stage theme so inconsistent? A few times, it’s upbeat. Sometimes, it’s the default Voice canon. Like, WTF? Does any of these editors know consistency?

* Eman VS Jessica reminds me of Katniss and Rue of the Hunger Games. Okay, that was so random.

* Is it me or are Sunday battles always better than Saturday’s?

* BEST BATTLE TONIGHT: Rainier Acosta VS Juvie Pelos VS RJ dela Fuente (just because of the song choice. HASHTAG BIASED.) OKAY. OKAY. BEST BATTLE TONIGHT is Hans Dimayuga VS Maki Ricafort.


THE PAIR: Hans Dimayuga VS Maki Ricafort
THE SONG: Lemar’s “What About Love

THOUGHTS: Both have RnB voices. They seem to be doing an arrangement reminiscent of Thor Dulay and Jay Durias’ version. Maki started it out so smooth yet it has this hint of rasp or crisp in his voice. Hans has a good voice but he tends to go off-key when he does his runs and ad-libs. It’s not as clean as Maki does his own. This is actually a great battle but clearly, the winner is Maki.



THE PAIR: Eman Vera VS Jessica Reynoso
THE SONG: P!nk ft. Nate Ruess’ “Just Give Me A Reason

THOUGHTS: Does anyone else prefer Jessica’s afro ‘do over the straight one she’s sporting now? Anyway, they both have distinctive tones, although from different genres. Jessica R. is more soul/RnB and Eman leans more towards jazz. Jessica is owning this. Although Eman is able to strike back. Jessica’s choices are interesting. Eman has an interesting tone, but she seems to be having a hard time reaching her higher register. It becomes messy towards the end. They both throw stones at each other at the same time which tends to sound chaotic rather than trying to out-sing one another. Having said all that, Jessica Reynoso is the clear winner.

WHO WON: Jessica R.


THE PAIR: Denise Sagun VS Talia Reyes
THE SONG: Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Under The Bridge

THOUGHTS: I don’t know about you, but Denise’s personality comes off as… too strong, sometimes off-putting. Her voice is too breathy tonight in the battles. Talia, on the other hand, sounds smoother and the sweetness in her voice is better highlighted. Their voices aren’t connecting whenever they’re doing their harmonizing parts. This wasn’t a very good battle but the more transparent winner here is Talia.

WHO WON: Talia


THE PAIR: RJ dela Fuente VS Juvie Pelos VS Rainier Acosta
THE SONG: Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On

THOUGHTS: Hearing the words “What’s Going On” as their battle song made me so happy and stoked about this battle. It’s one of my favorites from Marvin Gaye. Anyway, going back to the battle… Rainier is still too affected when he sings, plus he had so many diction and intonation problems. He sounded good, maybe better than his audition, but it was still not enough for me. Juvie put power where there needs to be power. She took several risks and it is to my belief that these risks paid off as she sounded great. She displayed a fierce fight against two men. RJ on the other hand was too laid back. He has a great cool tone and he may have few to zero mishaps, but I’m afraid he played it too safe. And in a battle, safe isn’t gonna cut it for me. In the end of the battle, my winner is Juvie.



So, what do you guys think of tonight’s set of battles? Why can’t Saturday battles be as great as Sunday battles? Did tonight’s Battle Rounds change your Top 3 from each team? (Take the polls here or on the sidebar on the right). Did Juvie Pelos deserve the boot? Let’s all discuss these things in the comments section below, plus don’t forget to take tonight’s polls also down below!


    • Zaptz
    • August 13th, 2013

    I think juvie should had won.l

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