TV In Focus: American Idol’s Thursday Shocker, Plus an Advice to Jessica

Judge's Save for Jessica Sanchez

Thursday night results show shocker


It could have been another Pia Toscano fiasco, but thanks to the ever-reserved trump card, “Judges’ Save”, the fate of Jessica Sanchez has been veered into a second chance shot at the American Idol title. But let’s face it, after such a fall from the front-runner status, it would take a breath-taking performance ‘a la Melanie Amaro’, to return to the top of the pack.

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Self In Focus: Return From The Big Hiatus, And A New Focus?

Yey! I’m back. And the reason for this comeback is brought about by this very much unexpected feature that my blog had in a movie trailer. Up until now, I can’t believe it and you may call me shallow for this but I am just too stoked not to be inspired by this. But I’m talking too much, am I not? So, here you go – the reason for my ecstatic behavior and my timely return.

So if you may have noticed, (or probably not) a line from my review of the movie “The Road” has been featured in the US Trailer of the movie! Click here to go to my review of the movie.

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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,500 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Movie In Focus: The Road (Filipino Film)

Allow me to start things off by saying that ‘The Road’ is not scary. It is beyond scary.

Cinema Poster for The Road

The Road cinema poster layout

Before I start verbalizing my profound infatuation with this film, I only find it appropriate to give the readers a brief synopsis. But if you so desire to skip my preliminaries, be my guest.

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Artist In Focus: “Julie Anne San Jose”

She was fifteen when I first saw her. It was the first time my ears reached this wonderful voice she has. A voice that exudes overflowing talent and certain precision. It was a voice that up until this writing, has repeatedly played in my head, similar to a tape stuck in a loop.


Julie Anne San Jose

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TV In Focus: “Good Vibes”

Okay, so I want to be very straightforward. I like Good Vibes. I mean, currently, it is still somewhat caught in slightly awkward and surreal presentation. But what I like about it is it has this great potential to be as good a TV series as International ones like the classic Beverly Hills.

Wait, wait! Not so fast! WHAT THE HELL IS GOOD VIBES? I live in America and I don’t know anything about it other than an animated comedy film, of the same title, which I watched on MTV a year ago. Click here to see what I mean.

Good Vibes

Logo of Good Vibes

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Music In Focus: “Rolling In The Deep”

It’s been almost two months since my last post. What?! I couldn’t believe how long it has been. I had so many prospective posts but they’re all stuck in the Drafts Graveyard. Sad. But anyway, today, I want to post a sequel to LSS Week. And no, I didn’t purposefully time my post for another Adele hit. It was a coincidence actually.


Album Cover of Adele's 21

Last week’s LSS Song was by the amazing, now-22, blues and soul singer, Adele. The song is called “Rolling In The Deep“.

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Music In Focus: “Chasing Pavements”

Isn’t it ironic that I named this blog ‘daily’ raven when there is about a week-or-two interval between posts? I know, I am disappointing myself too. The urge to write has been rarely knocking my failing mind. I will try, in the succeeding days, to talk more.

But enough sentiments, today’s blog will be one of the series of blog posts which I baptized the name “LSS Weeks”. Each Blog Posts, as the title suggests(Last Song Syndrome), will be about songs that kept playing in my head for about a week.


Album cover of 19

This week’s LSS Song is by the great soul singer, Adele. The song is called Chasing Pavements from the album ‘19‘ and was released as a single on January 11, 2008. There was a huge debate as to what the lyrics of the song means. Several radio stations banned this song Continue reading

A Change Is Gonna Come: Adam Lambert vs. James Durbin

A few weeks have passed since the birth of the tenth season of American Idol. We’ve heard thousands of sounds but one of the most controversial voices in this season is from James Durbin. Wait, what? Who’s James Durbin again?

American Idol Auditions: James Durbin

Just a few moments ago from James' audition.

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A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Thai Film)

I want to take a look back at what happened to my life in late January of the fresh year of 2011.

DVD Box Cover

A DVD Box Cover for First Love/Crazy Little Thing Called Love


This was the day I first laid eyes on the film’s trailer. (see the movie trailer below) I must admit, the trailer was very inviting. It was obviously successful in attracting viewers and movie-seekers to finally watch the full movie. It also was very transparent that the film will be a romantic comedy. Another transparency is the target audience, which is mostly the youth.

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