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The Voice PH SPOILERS – Partial Battle Rounds Setlist + Battle Pairings

Battle Pairing screen edited by yours truly, Raven

The Blind Auditions phase is finally at its final episode this week, and with the lengthy preliminaries (perhaps the lengthiest Blinds the franchise has ever seen), it does not come as a shock that the fans of the show are itching for the much-anticipated Battle Rounds. And these people all crave for one thing: SPOILERS!

Dailyraven will let you in on a few thing that went down on the two-day taping for the Battle Rounds straight from sources who watched the Battles. Read on further if you want to be spoiled. If not, just read my #VoicePH recaps.


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The Voice PH SPOILERS – The Blind Auditions Twist, Triangle Fights + More Details On The Battle Rounds!


The Blind Auditions of The Voice of the Philippines is coming to a close, and along with that is the arrival of the next phase of the competition — the Battle Rounds, where each coach pairs members of his or her team to try and out-sing one another, then select one winner from the battle pairing. Exactly a week ago, I shared with you a quick look at the Battle Rounds set and the names of each team’s advisors. Tonight, I will be revealing the big twist in the Blind Auditions plus some major deets from the recently finished taping of the Battles courtesy of our trusty source, byxspeaks.


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The Voice PH SPOILERS – A Peek at the Battle Rounds Set


Yesterday, July 8 at 17:08, Facebook user Emerson Verastigue uploaded a photo revealing the set design for the Battle Rounds of The Voice of the Philippines. See the clear photo below.

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The Voice PH SPOILERS – The Names of the Advisors for Each Team REVEALED!

At the onset of this month of July, preparations for the Battle Rounds has gone underway! Yes, that means all four coaches and the members of their respective teams came together for the very first time to shoot the mentoring session. But for the Battles, four important people in the music industry will join the superstar coaches and The Voice artists. These people are called the Advisors. They will team-up with the coaches in mentoring the artists in their team. They will help in deconstructing the song, distributing the parts to the battle pairings and share tips for the upcoming battle.

The names of these so-called advisors were reported by byxbuzz in the days following the said initial preparations. One by one, they were revealed. And last night, the last of the advisors was finally named. Read further if you want to be spoiled.

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