The Voice PH – 1×19 – Battle Rounds Part 6 Recap Plus VIDEOS

It’s the last night of the Battle Rounds! Tonight, we will find out the last four artists who will move forward to the Live Shows together with Lee Grane Maranan, Morissette Amon, Mitoy Yunting, Stan Perfecto, Thor Dulay, Diday Garcellano, Yuki Ito, Angelique Alcantara, Paolo Onesa, Kim Mainit, Penelope Matanguihan , Junji Arias, Isa Fabregas, Janice Javier, Darryl Shy, Eva de los Santos, Maki Ricafort, Jessica Reynoso, Talia Reyes, and Juvie Pelos Taw Muhammad Angelica Prado RJ dela Fuente.


*Okay, let’s get real. These pre-Battles opening numbers are totally unnecessary. I haven’t said a word about it out before because the coaches have been giving strong performances, well, if you count out that disaster of a performance. But really, that amount of airtime should’ve been given to one more minute of rehearsal footage the fans of the show would love to see. Glad there’s none of that tonight. ETA: WTF is happening? Why are sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga murdering Lovato’s pop hit? I CAN’T EVEN! Holy guacamole! Yes, I think I’d have a heart attack because of this train-wreck of a performance that makes even the worst battles sound so good. I wonder how many televisions were thrown out of the window tonight?

*Go check the official website, you say? It would’ve been more relevant if it contained HD videos rather than the standard definition clips.

*Okay, to be fair, the rehearsal footages are a lot longer now. It’s good to know TBTP is listening. Now, if we could get rid of the drama-fest, we’re good to go. I mean, enough drama is okay, but too much is suffocating.

*Apl is very much like Bamboo in the sense that he, too, have made up his mind on the six artists he’s going to put through to the Live Shows way before the actual battle — only that Apl is far smarter than Bamboo, pitting his strong artists with the fodders, plus giving them songs that are advantageous to his predetermined winner. Result? It’s super effective! Side effect? Lousy battles all throughout.

*It’s the first time I’m disagreeing with Joey Ayala’s choice. Hmm.

THE PAIR: Cora dela Cruz VS Jessica Corpuz
THE SONG: Sugarfree’s “Makita Kang Muli”

THOUGHTS: Okay, here’s the thing. Cora appeared in the first episode, and I could still clearly remember her entire audition. Jessica, on the other hand, appeared towards the end of the Blind Auditions but she’s been forced at the lower back side of my brain. Any memory I have of her are either blurred or completely faded. Knowing Apl and his strategy, he already have Cora picked as the victor, even before the actual battle. They’re given the Sugarfree’s song, which, although is in Cora’s wheelhouse, is still a bad song choice. Not shocking for Apl. I like Cora’s rasp. It’s very effortless and not at all forced. It’s very… authentic. Jessica is too much affected in her singing, it annoys the hell out of me, which is unfortunate because she has a great voice to boot. The way she caves in the notes that’s almost very nasal and forces a vibrato that’s totally uncalled for is disastrous. She’s not winning this battle.


THE PAIR: Myk Perez VS John Duka
THE SONG: The Beatles’ “Hey Jude/Come Together”

THOUGHTS: A four-chair turner versus a guy I can barely remember. How’s that gonna end up? If it’s Team Lea and Team Sarah, it would’ve been based off the actual battle. But since this is a Bamboo battle, Myk has this in his bag. I’m really not a big fan of any of these two. It’s totally meh for me that I don’t even care who moves on and who goes home. They’re singing a fusion of two classic Beatles’ song, which is a really interesting choice. Interesting tidbit: Bamboo already sang the same mashup with Arnel Pineda on the Sunday variety show ASAP. Both singers has have off-key moments — lots of it, but John had too many flats and sharps. Factor in the fact that Myk has a more unique tone compared to John, the former is the most obvious winner in this battles.


THE PAIR: Gab Ramos VS Klarisse de Guzman VS Rouxette Swinton
THE SONG: Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”

THOUGHTS: It’s a good trio match-up since they all have these soft distinctive voices. I’m rooting for Klang on this battle being the strongest of the three, although the bubbly Rouxette is a sad goodbye too. Santisima Trinidad! The song is a hard song to sing.

——– to be continued ——–

The will to write has been completely MIA. The show is turning into a circus freak show with this LIFE SHOW shit they’re doing every Saturdays plus the crappy format they’re doing for the Live Shows. Yeah, that will be a good way to gather ratings. NOT! I ain’t dealing with that bullcrap.

I don’t know when I’ll finish this… Maybe later. Maybe never. LMAO! Sayonara, The Voice PH. You’re a total mess.

    • The Fanart Factory
    • August 24th, 2013

    Ay bitin pa! Hahaha.

    OMG on that Toni/Alex duet. Murder! Murder! Murder! Not a good song choice for them. At only in the Philippines na nagpeperform ang mga HOST! Hehe.

    • HAHA! I haven’t had the time to write the rest. The things I’ve been hearing about the Live Show’s shit format has been degrading my interest to continue writing. PLUS, I just started working so I really don’t have so many free time.

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