The Voice PH – 1×17 – Battle Rounds Part 4 Recap Plus VIDEOS


The 4th night of the Battle Rounds has arrived! Who will join Lee Grane Maranan, Morissette Amon, Mitoy Yunting, Stan Perfecto, Thor Dulay, Diday Garcellano, Yuki Ito, Angelique Alcantara, Paolo Onesa, Kim Mainit, Penelope Matanguihan and Junji Arias to the Live Shows?

* Did Isa really have to dye her hair red to match Angelica’s?! That’s a bit bizarro.

* The actual coaching sessions are finally longer! Slightly. I’m glad TPTB is listening. More of that please. And lessen the drama, if you may.

* It’s the third time Bamboo and I don’t agree with “who should’ve won”. Bamboo’s picks always seem predetermined. Most of his battles doesn’t feel organic anymore.

* Wow. Lance improved significantly.

* Hate on Apl all you want but he’s got a pretty strong team under him. What with Thor, Janice and Penelope? Although it won’t matter having the best members as only one of those will remain for the finale — which brings me to a brief “format-talk”…

* I’m not the biggest fan of the original format for the Live Shows. It limits the battleground to your teammates alone until you finally fight against other team’s artists for the Voice trophy in the finale.

* Tonight’s battles were a bit underwhelming. But there’s gotta be a best battle tonight, and that is — Janice Javier VS Lance Fabros.



THE PAIR: Isa Fabregas VS Angelica Prado
THE SONG: No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak

THOUGHTS: Did Angelica mess up that harmony bit in Isa’s part? I think so. But having said that, Angelica still emerged as the better vocalist. Isa sounded good but Angelica’s distinctive tone shined brighter. That slight mishap in the beginning was immediately overshadowed by Angelica’s performance when her part came in. She was the winner for me, and for Sarah and even guest adviser Joey Ayala.



THE PAIR: Janice Javier VS Lance Fabros
THE SONG: Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’

THOUGHTS: Uh-oh Lance. This is obviously a lopsided battle in favor of four-chair turner, Janice. Lance sounded good in the rehearsals — significantly better compared to his Blind Audition. But Janice’s monster vocals is just unsurmountable. There was a sudden key change with which I’m not sure if deliberate or not, but no matter what, the very lopsided performance I thought this battle will be turned out to be quite a fight. Janice is still the clear winner, but at least, Lance put up a good fight.

WHO WON: Janice

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THE PAIR: Darryl Shy VS MJ Podolig
THE SONG: Regine Velasquez’ “Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka

THOUGHTS: I find MJ’s tone more appealing than Darryl. However, Darryl has this really clear vocals. There were noticeable mistakes, especially on MJ’s part as he tries to veer through the song with his runs and whatnots. I’m glad Gerard pointed them out. In the end, I’ll go with the artist who had the least mistakes, and that’s Darryl.

WHO WON: Darryl


THE PAIR: Eva de los Santos VS Michaellen Temporada
THE SONG: Michael Jackson’s “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

THOUGHTS: I really find Eva too screechy at times even in the rehearsals. Michaellen on the other hand sounds so smooth and has a hint of soul in it that the song requires. Eva still sounds shrill for my taste. I’d go with the one that sounded better to my ears and that is Michaellen.


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What do you guys think of tonight’s Battle Rounds? Agree or Disagree: Bamboo’s picks so far are very questionable. Tonight’s battles were a little bit underwhelming, am I right? Did tonight’s battles change your Top 3 from each team (take the polls again here and/or at the sidebar on the right). Let’s all discuss these things in the comments section below, plus don’t forget to take the polls also down below!



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