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The Voice PH – 1×06 – Blind Auditions Part 6 Recap Plus VIDEOS


We are about to dive into the 6th night of the Blind Auditions and we’re almost halfway through finding the first winner of The Voice of the Philippines. Are we going to find it tonight? Possible. Maybe it’s the first artist for this evening. Let’s meet…  Continue reading


The Voice PH – 1×05 – Blind Auditions Part 5 Recap Plus VIDEOS

Angelique, Gab and Mitoy tries out for The Voice PH

Angelique, Gab and Mitoy tries out for The Voice PH

This is Week 3 of the Blind Auditions! Almost one-third of the slots have been filled in. Have we found the very first winner of The Voice of the Philippines among them (think Lee Grane)? Or will we find another buzz-worthy contestant that could take away the front-runner status away from her? Let’s find out!

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The Voice PH – 1×04 – Blind Auditions Part 4 Recap Plus VIDEOS

Michaellen Temporada sings the classic, “Summertime”

We are going into the Night 4 of the Blind Audition, and everybody is still talking about Lee Grane. After eliciting a loud response from the coaches and developing a huge following overnight after a gut-wrenching cover of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”, Lee is set to be the show’s early front-runner. It’s easy to say she’s a shoo-in for the voting rounds. It’s hard to picture the Live Shows without her. Her closest competition so far is Team Apl’s Thor Dulay. But with less than half of the slots taken, we may still be in for a few surprises.

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The Voice PH – 1×03 – Blind Auditions Part 3 Recap Plus VIDEOS

Lea and Apl regrets not pushing their button for Lee Grane

This is the second week of the Blind Auditions and there are still 43 slots to fill. No one seems to be claiming the front-runner status so far, except maybe for Thor Dulay, who may or may not sizzle out soon enough. But that’s just all hashtag-Predictions. For now, let’s dive into the third night of the Blinds.

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The Voice PH – 1×02 – Blind Auditions Part 2 Recap Plus VIDEOS

Abigail Asistio sings "Girl On Fire"

Abigail Asistio sings “Girl On Fire”

It’s Day 2 of the Blind Auditions! With a rather lackluster premiere, will The Voice of the Philippines be able to bounce back and show us better performances and artists? Let’s find out! Continue reading

The Voice PH – 1×01 – Blind Auditions Part 1 Recap Plus VIDEOS

The Coaches of The Voice PH

The Coaches of The Voice PH sing for the first time

The Philippine version of the hit singing competition that took the globe by storm is now here: The Voice of the Philippines! The show looked around the country and the rest of the world to look for artists that will be given a life-changing opportunity. While it has been said that the Philippines has the best singers in the world, will the show be able to find the world-class “The Voice”?

I’ll be blogging each episode as they air.

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